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    Please tell me if I'm getting too carried away with this, but I just wanted to share the e-mail I got from Handspring in reply to an online order I placed this morning (my reply is in front of their "e-mail receipt" for today's order):

    Hello Handspring,

    Your note below is not true -- you are not shipping orders in the exact order you received them in --> I am one of those people that ordered a Visor Deluxe on Day 1. I haven't received anything; others who ordered well after me are receiving theirs.

    Now we have a race on our hands --> will I receive this online order for my wife's Visor placed today (10/28) before or after my own Visor order placed on Day 1???

    The outcome is clearly in your hands.....

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From:
    > Sent: Thursday, October 28, 1999 12:18 PM
    > To: Happy Keller
    > Subject: New Order
    > Congratulations!
    > We know you can't wait to get your hands on your package from
    > Handspring,
    > but please be patient. We will begin shipping in October, and
    > due to the
    > heavy demand, Visors may be in short supply (Visor Solo ships later -
    > in November).
    > We promise to ship all orders in the exact order they were
    > received. And
    > don't worry, your credit card won't be charged until the
    > order is actually
    > shipped. Please note that we may ship items as they come in,
    > so you may
    > receive more than one package from us until your order is complete
    > (there are no additional shipping fees for this).
    > Thanks again for ordering from Handspring.

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    OOPS! I guess they forgot to edit the auto reply email message!
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    Wrote to Donna on Monday demanding explaination for not sticking to "shipping out in order of receipt".

    Guess waht? She forwarded my mail to poor Sandy. Sandy apologised, offering to check my status. Gave her my particulars, never heard from her since.

    I do not understand. It is me or it is Handspring?

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    It seems the "I'm sorry" and "I'll (have someone) get back to you" are two very common sayings at HS. Since the latter isn't true, I wonder about the truth of the former...

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