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    Anyone's order go past 6 weeks to arrive?
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    I ordered on day 9/14 (day 1) and have yet to marks the 6 week point.
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    Have they billed your credit card account yet? If so, when?
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    No credit card charge as yet. A hold for $269 from "direct marketing" was placed last week, but that's as far as its gotten. I was told twice by Handspring that the unit shipped on 10/16.
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    9/14 here as well, no charge, no product, no info. Has anyone successfully used the e-mail on the "customer care" page and gotten a response? I've tried 3 times and haven't heard anything and I'm getting pretty sick of being on the phone....
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    The only responses that I have received are those that were emailed directly to addresses. I have had no responses to any inquiries through the "Customer Care" form.
    Althought the email responses assured me that they would look into the problem, forward the message to the right person and let me know the status, I have had no responses.
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    As of today, I am now six weeks past my order date.

    They made an error on my order. I called to correct the error. When I finally fought through all of the hold muzak and getting cut-off, they told me it might be another month before I get my Visor.

    Plus, no responses to any e-mails or Customer Care forms I've filled out......

    Not a Great way to start a company, but certainly a GRATE one!
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    Today is six weeks for me. It looks like my credit card was charged late last week so perhaps it is on its way.

    The bad thing is the credit card was charged for the visor and not the deluxe. It is hard to say what is happening but I can always dispute the charge.

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    I ordered a Black VDx on 9/14. So, they missed their mark with me!
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    I ordered a blue vd on 9/14. CC charged on 10/24. No visor, no tracking number.
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    Tomorrow is six weeks for me. Since mine didn't go out on Monday, there is no chance of my getting it "on time". Sandy Torres called me on Monday and said she would get back to me on my order status looks as though even she doesn't have enough control to get an order sent out within a reasonable amount of time! <sigh> If I don't hear something by Monday I'm going to start getting angry again...
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    YUP. Backorder HELL. I ordered the 14th, no Visor, I got a nifty cradle though... atl least they got all my info correct and I know how big the visor will be... grumble grumble.
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    I was the 33rd order on the 14th of Sept. . .still no blue Visor delux. . .
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    Ordered on Sept 15th. Called to confrim order on Oct 22. They had transposed two digits in my credit card number and then left my order off to the side. If I hadn't called I would have had to wait for one of the two people they assigned to call all incorrect credit card numbers to contact me about their mistake (this was straight out of the CSR's mouth, but I have yet to read a single post from someone who has been called about their CC number). The CSR told me it would arrive within ten days of the 22 which puts it at about 7.5 weeks. Day number 4 and counting...
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    I originally ordered on 9/14. I had been cutting Handspring some slack and not calling them about my order - until today. After a twenty minute wait (not too bad), I found out that the wrong visor was shipped to the wrong address.

    If you have waited over six weeks then something is screwed up. Do not wait for them to call you. I am sceptical of claims that they will contact you or even be able to identify you.
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    Today marks 6 weeks for me. Given that significant event, I thought I'd call customer care to see how things were going. I got through in about 10 min (way to go Handspring). On two previous calls I had discovered that there were errors in addresses and credit card numbers. Guess what, the errors were still there. I had the CSR fix everything again and then asked to talk to his supervisor. Just for grins I had him read back all the information. This time it seems to be correct. He "guaranteed" that I would see my Graphite Visor Deluxe no later than next week. I'm not holding my breath but I'm optimistic.

    Let me suggest that if you had problems with your order, you should check up on it ;-)

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