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    I ordered my Deluxe online on 10/6 and got an e-mail confirmation. I finally got through to a CSR today to confirm my order. He found my order and said it should be shipped out later this week or early next week! I won't hold my breath but I will watch my doorstep!
    As it is said...Stay Tuned To This Channel!

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    I ordered on 10/9 called 2 weeks ago. Same reply. I only believe when it comes. If it comes after Nov. I am selling my Visor as I am not sure if I am able to buy any springbroad module by Handspring without having to go thru' this S**T again.
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    Keep the faith...
    OK so Handsping did have some (mayor) problems but it appears they solved it by now...

    Also, Handspring is not the only company that makes springboards....

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