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    I checked my credit card today, and it reflects that three unauthorized authorizations in the amount of $200.28 had been removed. It still had not been authorized for the visor deluxe I ordered September 23 or 24, but this is still the first positive move that Customer support has demonstrated. I, like others, am now waiting for the fabled priority box to ship.

    I am not going to cancel my order, although I am still furious with the way the company has handled this matter. It's just that now I'll carry it around like a battle scar if it ever gets here. The visor has now become like that one-hundred-yard strip of land between the trenches in WWI that countless resources are expended on just so that it can later become a cow pasture.

    Here's hoping that the Customer support crew gets on a roll and makes everyone here happy. One good thing they might try to do next is answer at least one of a series unanswered emails I have sent using the form on their customer support page. That would make me feel a little better. I am having trouble remembering the time not 6 weeks ago when all was well in this community.

    The problem that Handspring faces is serious, but it is by no means insurmountable. They just need to get around to taking care of those of us who have suffered through their growing pains. Anytime they want to start is fine by me.

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    Glad you're getting somewhere! It just hit me that I forgot to ask which "priority" my order would be marked - low or high.
  3. #3 CC auth has disappeared as well now. Since we can't cancel, I wonder if we can now prevent any charges on our CC from Handspring once the auth is dropped? I think I may try that.

    Otherwise I have no idea when my 9/14 will ship, or which color (since blue wasn't the dark shade they advertised, I asked for Graphite -- which is actaully in stock). No reply to my email sent last week. Since I may get a box with unknown contents (not allowed to cancel) I guess I'll just refuse it now since I don't have X-ray vision.

    Anyone know if you can tell what color Visor it is from the shipping label?

    If you do open a mystery box, be prepared to pay to return it even if it's their fault. HS is even making people return cracked CD's at their own expense! Hello? These people are insane in the membrane!

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    If it was an authorization, and not a charge, it will be cancelled automatically after 7 days if there is no corresponding charge issued. It doesn't mean that Handspring cancelled anything, just the normal CC processes took place.
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    I've also had several authorizations that were eventually cancelled because they weren't collected on.

    I asked my credit card company whether I could prevent them from re-authorizing my card, and the answer was no. I can contest an actual charge, or I can cancel my card, but there's no in-between.


    I'm eventually getting a visor in the mail whether I still want one or not.
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    After seeing all that was mentioned I figured it would be best to see where I fit into the picture. Verified my charge card, Qty 3 authorizations for $269.00 each by Direct Marketing. Called HS, after 1HR wait they said catagory 4 orders are shipping now and mine is an catagory 5. Should ship within a week or two. No answer on the authorizations. I was glad that they at least had my order!
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    When did you order Krichard?
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    I ordered my Blue VDx 10/1.
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    Thanks Krichard,
    Great, I ordered 10/6 online. I am probably in catagory ZX135 Priority class sub-level Four. What is with these early to mid October orders getting theirs early?
    Not Violated but disappointed
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    Hook, how would you like to be one of us that ordered as early as 9/16 and these mid October guys already got theirs? And we can't even cancel our orders.


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    It sounds like we're in the same group as I ordered a blue Vdx the same day you did. I am luckier as they appear to have put a hold on my CC for only one unit + serial cradle + styli (athough they might has charged the $269 vs. $249 from my math.) I'm going to check on Friday and see if they've actually charged it.
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    reganc -
    There was no label on the shipping box. There was a label on the product box (inside the shipping box) telling me that mine was graphite.

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