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    We finally have an official response from HS regarding all of the probs that have been going on...
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    And linked to from the home page. An added good sign they don't take it lightly.

    Having a background in customer service (largely technical) and a lot of it in management (and no, I'm not applying for HS' Dir. of Customer Service ), I can tell you it's hard for me not to see this in a good light. Trust me when I say most companies would bury something like this deep in their online material, if post it on their site at all.

    *//MockZippy post:
    But it didn't come sooner! It doesn't promise me freebies! It didn't mention me by name! Mwaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

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    Very positive indeed. It seems they are admitting that they made lots of mistakes and are working to correct them. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel and this time it might not be a train.

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    Before you start walking toward that light at the end of the tunnel, let me tell you about my experience this morning.
    I called the 888 number shortly after 7 Eastern this morning. Got right through!
    That's the end of the good news for me, however. I ordered on Sep 14. When I told the CSR that, he immediately told me that there were problems with that day's orders. He did find my order and the ship to & bill to addresses were reversed--a problem I found out about last Friday and which was supposed to have been corrected.
    Then, the CSR told me that my order was in the shippping department but hadn't been shipped. He had no idea why it hadn't shipped or when it would ship. Apparently, he has no access to shipping data, other than Yes or No.
    I then asked if the reversed addresses would be a problem. He said that he was working from the "original" data and that if I had told someone to fix the addresses, then they were "probably" fixed. He said it was up to the person who told me they would correct the addresses. I told him that that person had also told me that my shipping would be changed to priority and that it didn't look to me that that had happened. He "felt my pain," but could do nothing other than pat me on the head and tell me that everything would eventually be OK.
    So, I guess the bottomline is: I MIGHT receive my Visor, and it MIGHT be sometime this calendar year, but no one--including Handspring--knows when that will be.
    I have seriously considered a Palm Vx, which I can have in my hands tomorrow, but I truly think the Visor is what I need--the USB syncing and the Springboard are 2 features I really want, and right now, that means a Visor.

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