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    I charged my graphite VDX on my Visa Debit Card on 9/14. I confirmed my order on 10/18. I was given a tracking number and told it would arrive on or about 10/26. My Visa Debit card was authorized for 268.40 on 10/16 and accually charged 268.40 today (10/26). I checked the tracking number this morning and sure enough its was scanned into the local distribution center yesterday. All just as Handspring promised.

    The Visa Debit thing is a RUMOR.
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    I don't think people posting about their personal experience with their cards being double charged, triple charged, etc. should be characterized as "rumors."

    On the other hand, the thing about "I heard they aren't accepting debit cards!" is unverified at best. I think there's some reason to believe there was some problem with some debit card numbers, but then there were problems with regular old credit card numbers too.

    Interesting user name, SUPERvisor.
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    Well, I am your verification that they aren't accepting debit cards. I was on hold for 2 and a half hours yesterday trying to order my VDX. When I finally got through, I was told that my debit card would not work because their computers won't accept debit card numbers or something to that effect. I had to call back this morning and be on hold for another 2 and a half hours to get my order. at least I've finally got my order in. Now I just have to sit here and twiddle my thumbs for 6 weeks. Bummer.
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    I received my serial cradle 10/26 charged to my debit card. Blue visor deluxe was shown as being backordered though.
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    Just an FYI on Debit cards. If your Debit card has a VISA or Mastercard Logo on it, Handspring can (and has to) accept it. To them, it's just a Visa card number. You don't need to say 'Debit card' to them. That'll just make the order-taker's little brain explode. Simply tell them it's a Visa or Mastercard and read them the number.

    Now, if you DON'T have a VISA or Mastercard logo, then you're stuck. Go to your bank and get your debit card changed to a VISA (or Mastercard - it depends on your bank) 'Check card' and you'll be set.

    Take care.


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    Hey, thanks for the info. I have a visa debit card, but the guy insisted that it wouldn't work because it was a debit card... I tried to convince him it would work the same, but it was no good.


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