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    This item has sold. Thanks for the interest.

    I prepurchased Snappermail 2 Enterprise edition, and since it doesn't support IDLE, I am selling it. I asked Jennifer from Snappermail if it's okay, and her response:

    "You can transfer your license. I will need the purchaser's name, e-mail
    address, and HotSync ID to set up their account.
    Jennifer Shelamer, Snapperfish Limited Corporation"

    Therefore, make me an offer on this $60 product. I can save you some money and recover some of my investment at the same time.

    You can either send me a private message, post to this thread, or email me. Thanks!

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    I offer $30.
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    You have a private message!
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    Bump. Still available.
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    Last Bump. I promise.
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    Greetings - will you accept $25?

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    Please check your PM.
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    This has sold. Sorry, I forgot to update this thread


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