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    Well, try this one on.

    1Z 951 880 03 1132 001 9

    That's my package. Anyone seen it? UPS hasn't. Handspring will "call me back" in the next day or two. Only the shipper can trace a package with UPS.

    I feel like I've been overcharged and paid Priority shipping for a big hassle and a non-existant product.

    Thanks HS, this will be my last purchase from you at this rate.
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    Fergot to mention:

    Ordered 9:30am CST on 9/14
    CC billed on 10/15
    Shipped on 21st according to CS.

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    What do you mean?, only the shipper can track?

    Go to, click on tracking, type in tracking number, and voila....

    Unless the number is wrong.
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    Freak, Trace and track are two different things (so they say). You can track any package that you have the id for. A trace is to find a 'lost' package & only the shipper (initiator of the shipment) can run a trace. no, I don't know why.


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    Got my Visor pro and extra cradle this evening.

    funny thing. I cancelled the order three weeks ago.

    Oops Handspring.

    Since I cancelled this order, Do I still have to pay for it?


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