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    Just found this quaint old 9/14 post on Yahoo

    Name: Sheila Jones

    Location: Washington, DC

    Occupation: Online Marketing Manager

    "What a cheap marketing ploy. I read about the Visor last week and the article stated it would be available for sale today. Handspring's Web site says they "will soon be accepting orders for shipment in October", and invites me to leave my e-mail address so they contact me when it ships. The product better be damn good, because the customer experience is sorely lacking!"

    Also some good news from there today... Looks like the CSR's are going to stop lying - Finally! (we hope)

    "I had orig ordered (on 1st day) the blue deluxe but got standard 2MB graphite. The CSR said the blues are backorderd and he said "I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not sure when they will be in because we haven't been told that information." He said he's hoping in a little over a week, but he was just guessing/hoping. At least he was straight with me."

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    Ok, I heard enough....why don't we just stop posting on this thread.

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