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    Please refrain from posting anyone's email without their consent. This includes Handspring employees. We understand the frustration that many of you are going through in receiving your Visor, but flooding someone's mailbox is not going to correct the problem. You do not like it when your email address is shared with others, do you?

    Handspring knows of the numerous shipping and billing problems that you are having. We are working with Handspring to get an officialaddress for you to e-mail your concerns to. In the mean time, please do not post any Handspring (or anyone else's) email address without their consent. Doing so may result in your having your UBB account removed.

    James Hromadka
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    "We are working with Handspring to get an official address for you to e-mail your concerns to. "

    Just another venue for communication that will be ignored or put aside. If Handspring were sincerely interested in responding to our concerns, they would have already issued a statement on their website.

    Any "official address" at this point would be laughable, redundant and too little-too late.

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    No offense, but they did post a page with shipping information. I agree with you, but you are going down the wrong path by saying "they" Handspring hasn't given any information. Truly, isn't this a problem of communication with Direct Marketing (CSR firm) and Logitix (Fulfillment center) and maybe, just maybe UPS.

    I think... don't flame, I don't work at any of these companies. I am in the same boat as most people.

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    There is one already to customer care. Try it see if they response to you at all.
    Anyway it does not take much to figure Donna, Jeff and Ed addresses. I got in the first time.

    I understand posting one's e-mail address without his/her consent is not appropriate and wrong. I am just wondering if settling up another link with Handspring will work at all and be another avenue for to vent our frustrations.

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    They posted a page with a form that I have submitted, with no reply...3 times!
    A couple of HS employees have replied to my email stating that they were 'sorry' and would have someone "look into" my situation - again, no reply. The kicker email ended with the statement, "We appreciate your patience and if you should decide to cancel your order
    and buy a Palm, you'll still be happy." What do you mean "still"? Do you think I'm happy now????? At least they didn't come right out and tell me that I'd be happier! Is that any way to build customer loyalty?
    Several phone calls to CSR's yielded answers that ranged from "Your order shipped yesterday" to "There's a problem with the way the agent entered your card number and it will never ship".
    The last "official" communication was "I'll mark your order as 'priority' and it will go out with the very next shipment". What that actually means, only time will tell...
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    I am in the same boat as you... I don't want to sound 12 years old, but right now I would do anything just to know it was on the road on the way to my house. I have Express shipping, and I wouldn't mind if the put through ground.

    I read in another post that most Express Shipment orders haven't arrived as of yet. I noticed there are a 20:1 ratio with Express to Ground UPS. Could that be somewhat of a hold up? I can not figure out the logic. It truly has me baffled.


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