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    I was wondering how many others who ordered on Sept. 14th have not received their Visors. . . I ordered at 9:00am Eastern on the 14th and have not gotten mine yet. The customer service people tell me everthing looks in order (all of my shipping/credit info is correct) yet it has not been shipped. What gives?
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    I ordered on the morning of 9/14.

    They screwed up my order (8+ hours on hold to discover that; 4 times cut-off)

    I have not yet received my Visor Deluxe.

    Handspring has not contacted me, yet, in response to any of my e-mail(s).


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    Me too, and they say my order is all good. The thing that is starting to get to me is that I have been billed $20 by them and people in the same city I live in have theirs already. I ordered not one hour after another customer in my area and still no sign, tomorrow, tomorrow... I'll call them tomorrow.
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    My concern is when I called Handspring, they had my order / shipping info / and credit card info - all correct. It just for some reason wasn't shipped. Man, this ordeal is frustrating.
    I've sent them 2 emails since last Thursday - no reply. . .

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    same here... and upon that, I paid with Visa debit. I am really skeptical that they can tell the difference between cc and debit. Has anyone heard any new information on debit card orders?

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    Same here...ordered 9/17 and still waiting...3 hours on hold (one of which I paid for) and 2 e-mails later, still waiting...
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    I'm a 9/14 order as well, 9ish EST. I called once and got the "it went to shipping we have no other information" reply, then read a post about cc# being wrong. I got kind of worried because the person who originally took my order never did read anything back to me, so I called again and low and behold if the cc# was right, but it was addressed in a completely different state. No charge, no product, no response to the e-mail I sent the other day. I was assured that it would be "bumped up to express" by the guy I talked to the third time, but I have yet to hear anything.

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    I ordered at 7:15 pm est on the 14th. In my two conversations with CSR's since, I have been assured the unit was shipped on the 16th, and all the info they read off was correct. Still no Visor and no activity on my credit card. Tomorrow is the outer limit for UPS ground to Virginia for a shipment made on the 16th. I'm sitting here trying to stay hopeful....
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    I'm in the same boat. Ordered late in the morning on the 14th. I've checked a couple times and they have the correct address, credit card number, and order information. They insist it shipped but still no Visor and no charge on my credit card.

    I went through the different combinations with my partial tracking number and only found one that could be my order. If it is mine, UPS is reporting that it was mis-directed at their facility. Of course with the lag between updates at UPS's site, it is hard to say just where the package is now. Assuming it is even mine... Sigh.

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    For me it gets worse not better.
    Ordered on the 9th Sept.
    Rang about 18th Oct. to find my CC# was wrong thus not shipped. Corrected that. Card still not billed. Rang again to find I now have 2 orders for the same VD to the same address, neither of which is likely to be shipped for 2 weeks. It is a joke. I dunno if it's better to contact them or leave them alone.
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    Make room in that 'boat' for me too!

    I ordered 9/14 Noon (EDT) called to confirm shipping last week and had all my information read back to me correctly. She said shipped out 10/16 and tomorrow is UPS projected delivery. I think 10 days figures out to be right around 12.5mph average speed. Did I mention that I have not been billed yet?

    Sequitor, I wll post if makes it to Virginia Beach. (and good luck to ALL right coast folks!)

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    Guys, we really have to get this info directly to Donna & Jeff. . .
    I'm sure they would be interested in straightening out our orders. I am not pinning any hopes of receiving my Visor any time soon. I'm sure our orders are pretty screwed now - it really gets me that if I had waited to order in October I might have gotten my unit already.
    Is there anyone who might provide me with either Jeff's or Donna's email address - I know I've seen a few people who have posted about their communications with Jeff. . .
    I hope some day we forget this mess and are able to enjoy our Visors.
    -Bill Hammons
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    Well, I ordered the morning of the 16th. I didn't contact HS again until it was made public that there would be no confirmation emails. I waited about 2 hours and checked my info, all was great. I still have not received my visor or a charge on my CC (debit card). I know I said in earlier posts that I would cancel if it wasn't here by today (10/25), but I'm gonna give 'em till UPS runs tomorrow to try and cancel (which it looks like I can't do) my order. We can all hope.


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    Sept 14 Blue Dlx order also to VA.

    When I called to verify info, CSR said it shipped and would be here this week. I luckily pressed him for a tracking number and found out from a supervisor that nothing ever shipped and my address was listed wrong anyhow.

    Now all colors are out of stock, so trying to help them by not cancelling, I said I'll take Graphite. Sorry, they said that would move me to the back of the line.

    I emailed Dubinsky about this strange policy -- no reply yet.

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    One more "Me, too!" I ordered before noon Eastern time on the 14th of September. I left Handspring alone until someone posted that orders taken during the initial "pencil & paper" stage might be screwed up. I spoke to a CSR last Friday who did confirm that my Visor had NOT shipped--apparently they reversed my bill to and ship to addresses, which must have been enough to put my shipment on their "problem list." I was told that Handspring would "expedite" my order--for whatever that's worth.
    I have since sent 2 e-mails, but have received no response. I am going to continue to send an e-mail a day until I get a response or my Visor comes.
    Has ANYONE gotten a reply to an e-mail sent to the Customer Support site?
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    Wow, I guess I'll keep sending a customer service email everyday as well. . .

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    Never fear, gents. I made a single call to Handspring on 9/14. Never called back. Didn't feel I needed to add to their headache. Mine arrived yesterday, which is exactly how long UPS Ground should have taken from California. I'm pretty happy.
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    I would agree with the previous poster except that, in my case and apparently many others, the order process did not work. I found out that my order did NOT ship, and I don't think I would have known that had I not called. I have not "bugged" Handspring, but all the communication is one way. I am glad I did check on my order, as it gave them an opportunity to get the right information from me and fix the order. Had I waited for them to call me, I would have waited for weeks. For example, I've sent 3 requests via e-mail for order status, but have received no reply.
    I'm glad the system worked for you, but there are a lot of us for whom it did NOT.

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    I ordered on 9/15. Got through this morning and was told it was shipped 10/16, and was told 8-10 working days to Union County, NJ. Should be today or tomorrow.
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    To anyone who is still counting, it's been 6 weeks since Sept. 14th. . . still no Visor - last Handspring has said (last Friday)it probably hasn't even shipped yet.
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