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    I am also a morning of 9/14 order for a Deluxe. The order has never shipped, the order has been validated and the CC info, shipping address, etc. verified. Three CSRs on Saturday (10/23), Monday (10/25) and today have promised that "a supervisor" would return my call the same day and I have heard nothing, nada, zip!

    One of the guys here at the office ordered the exact same things a day later and has been told that it shipped on 10/16, but he has seen nothing.

    And Handspring wonders why they are "getting a high volume of calls"?????
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    As I hoped, the "mis-routed" UPS package I had been following did turn out to be mine. I saw this afternoon on UPS's web site that the package had been delivered to the office at my apartment complex. I rushed home before the office closed to get my box. Imagine my distress to find a serial cradle and nothing else... Not going to get much use out of that for the time being...

    I can't believe that they didn't know the order info they kept giving me over the phone was for a cradle and not a Visor...

    Actually I take that back, considering everything else, I do believe it.
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    I didn't order on the 14th (I ordered 10/1) but I wanted to chime in and agree that their policy of change color/shipping move to the end of the line is absurd. I ordered Blue and it appears to be backordered. Had I known that would be the case I would have ordered graphite. Meanwhile, people who ordered blue after me have their units. I guess they just don't want us changing stuff.
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    Well - if it is the case that change of order changes your place in line for a Visor no one let us know - that would be wrong.
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    I ordered a black VSdx around mid-day on 9/14 and haven't seen anything yet despite promises from CS that it shipped in the second group on 10/19. The CS had verified all my information and I didn't use a debit card, so... what's the deal?!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh yeah, they couldn't give me a tracking number and said someone would call me back. I bet you can guess what the outcome of that was?
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    I ordered a Blue Visor Deluxe on 9/21. After some correspondence, I received an email on 10/12 that said I should expect to receive my Visor the next week. However, I was going out of town and just returned this Monday (10/25) -- so I expected to see my Visor! No such luck. I called the long distance number just after 5pm (CST) and only had to wait about 10 minutes. The rep I spoke with found my order right away (just from my last name).
    She asked if my credit card had been charged yet, I said no, but mentioned that it was a DEBIT card. She said that was the problem -- they were not able to work with the DEBIT cards and someone has the fun job of trying to contact everyone who ordered in this manner to let them know. I gave here a credit card number to allow things to proceed. Then she mentioned that the Blue color was backordered and would be delayed another 2 or 3 weeks. When I asked if there was another color I could get more quickly she said they had graphite on hand now. I told her graphite was fine and she made the change. When I asked her when I could expect it to ship out, she said 2 or 3 weeks and was unable to explain the obvious descrepancy with the Blue order. She did assure me that changing to graphite would expedite the order.

    Anyway, if you ordered with a DEBIT card you should probably take the initiative to call and find out what is up.
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    ditto to all of the me too's out there. The whole thing has been handled pretty badly... wait times of "forever" on hold, no e-mail replies, customer service reps who no nothing, etc...
    Customer service is located here in TOronto, yet I'm expected to dial a long distance # to reach them.

    What sucks the most is that i actually want the product, and therefore don't want to give up; yet at this point, I am not so interested in supporting them anymore.

    I know the more we bug them the less they can get done, but it would be really nice if once things calm down, they actually acknowledge how badly they screwed up, and maybe try and do something (although i'm not sure what?) about it.

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    Think of it this way - The more that we tie up their phones, the more that we help them. Since the "problem", according to HS, is they they are swamped with orders, the more time that they spend trying to work on prior orders, the less time they have to take new orders. The fewer new orders that they take, the less swamped they will be, giving them a chance to catch up! We are not the problem. We are the solution to their problem! Let the phone ring!!!!!!
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