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    Has anyone recieved their serial cradles or other accessories?
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    Received my 9/16 order on 10/22. Serial cradle came with in addition to the USB. The receipt says the backup module (and the stylus 5-pack I later ordered) is on backorder. Both were original orders.
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    Got my serial cradle on 10/21, ice VDx is backordered.

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    Needless to say, if my Visor that I ordered on Sept. 14th is backordered (Blue) - I am going to be irrate! (esp. since people who ordered in October are getting theirs!)
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    Have any of the later orders received serial cradles, or has anyone heard of when more will be shipping? My Dlx ordered on 10/5 came today (10/26) w/o the serial cradle (backordered!).

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    I received a serial cradle today, but that's all I received. I've called a few times and they kep saying everything shipped. Guess someone forgot to include the VIsor.

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    I didn't think I could get more upset, but I just spent two hours on hold trying to find out why the order that they said was a Visor only turned out to be a serial cradle. At 7:04 CDT, a woman's voice comes on and tells me that normal office hours end at 8 and I should call back during normal business hours and then hangs up!
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    Ordered my Ice with serial on 9/14, got both today at noon (NYC).
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    Finally got through to a CSR who seemed to realize I was tired of screwing around.

    Here's what it turns out happened (according to them)...

    I ordered the Visor on 9/14 and then added a serial cradle to the order the next day. When distribution filled the order, they read it as a Visor serial cradle and didn't ship the Visor and then charged me the amount for a standalone cradle instead of a cradle with a Visor (should be ~$9 less when bundled).

    If this guy could figure this out, why couldn't the other people I called? I really tore into the guy, after first telling him I didn't blame him personally. He was the first person I talked to who seemed to appreciate how frustrating this has been.

    So now basically the result is that they're going to have my order reshipped with an emphasis on the fact that there are two items, not one, to be shipped. I told him I didn't want this treated like a new order on the bottom of the list and asked that they expedite and maybe throw in Express Shipping as compensation for my trouble. (A guy can dream can't he?)

    I have to give kudos to Walter C at the call center though. He said all the right things and so far has been the best representative for Handspring & its partners with whom I've interacted.

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    Called and got through yesterday afternoon...finally. My visor dx (graphite)and serial cradle are allegedly in transit (ordered 10/5). Although I can't confirm the contents of the package it is currently in the UPS depot at the Meadowlands in NJ and is due to arrive either today or tomorrow in Queens NY. I hope!
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    My serial cradle was in the same box as my Visor. Have to share it with a friend here at work whose serial cradle fell off of his order.
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    Yup, that's all I got so far, my blue visor delux is on backorder, ordered 9/14.

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