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    Hi everyone. Well, I'm on
    vacation and decided to retire
    from posting for a while, but
    after reading about the continuing
    fiasco at HS, I decided to add
    some more fuel to the fire.

    Here's a bit of information for
    all of you who have been charged
    for a Visor when you either
    ordered and then cancelled, or
    only ordered a certain number of
    things from HS and then received
    more, i.e. ordered one Visor and
    got two.

    I've been reading all these posts
    and I have yet to see anyone
    mention Federal laws concerning
    unsolicited mail.

    You see, if ANYTHING arrives in
    your mail box with your name on
    it, but you did not order it, it's
    a freebie. Don't believe me, go
    to your local Post Office and ask

    If you ordered something and then
    cancelled (and got a
    confirmation), and the item still
    comes, it's free.

    Don't want to be charged on your
    CC? Call them and dispute the
    charge. Come to think of it, ask
    them about unsolicited mail. They
    know the law as well.

    Seems to me many of you now have
    free Visors.

    Oh BTW, my Visor still has not
    arrived (and I don't expect it

    Handspring has completely screwed
    this whole thing up and while they
    may have a nice product, their
    ineptitude with marketing and
    service may bring their whole
    operation down.

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    Wow...I feel all warm and fuzzy now. Thanks for the info. Christmas morning came early for lots of folks this year.

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    As much as this may be the letter of the law, I don't recommend trying it. I was once shipped a piece of hardware that I didn't want, and I didn't want to pay the $15 shipping and insurance to send it back. I called up the company and told them that I was making it available to them "at my place of residence", and they basically told me to go #$% myself. I then called my CC company, and their line was that the money had already been transfered, and the only way I could dispute the charge was if I wasn't in possession of the product and the charge was still on my bill. The company refused to send a shipping label or a call tag, and that was that.

    So much for the vaunted protections that credit cards are supposed to offer.
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    Another drawback to keeping the Visor and letting your credit card company fight the good fight is that it damages your credit report. This should be a major consideration in any decision to keep unwanted merchandise. The only case where the law really protects you is where you receive merchandise that was completely unsolicited.
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    Visor's aren't being delivered in most cases by the Postal Service and UPS is not under the exact same rules as the Post Office.

    What moral compass our we projecting here by advocating keeping a "freebie". In a left-handed warped way we are telling companies that it's OK if we keep your foul-up but don't foul-up are orders?

    I'd bet that when the dust settles and somebody got a free one contacts Handspring and says hey...... then Handspring would probably throw them some sort of "kiss".

    I know I'd sleep better at night knowing that did the right thing.


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