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    Ummm, so I just got through with Handspring CSR for the 2nd time since I placed an order on 9/15 in the AM (Ice Deluxe).

    When I last called to confirm my order last week, the Rep said that the Ices were backlogged after looking up my information and said "they would ship out soon".

    So today, I call up again after hearing all these f***ups on the early orders just to confirm if all my information was correct. I gave the Rep my full name and waited until she looked it up in the database. She pulled my name out and asked me to spell my first name again. I repeated "A-H-S-A-N as in nancy". She said that my first name was not entered correctly and hence the CC was not billed. One freakin letter is the reason my Visor Ice Deluxe hasn't arrived yet. Then I went on asking to confirm all my information. So she asked ME for my address, etc. I was like "why don't u read me what you have" being suspicious that maybe they totally f'd up. So she read the address which was correct (thankfully). And then She asked me for my CC # and i asked her to read it instead but she wouldn't do that so I quickly read my # and it matched what she had in the database.

    Point of note: She said that my ICE Visor Deluxe will be in the next batch of shipments towards the end of this week or early next week. I guess i'll wait. I asked about the backorder status of Ice and she said that that isn't a problem anymore. I hope she wasn't fibbing.

    Moral of the story: If you were one of the people like me who ordered way back in the day, and haven't received your Visor yet, I suggest you call the long distance (being at work helps) customer support line and put your phone on speaker phone while you hold (I waited 30 minutes) and then once the Rep answers, just tell them you are concerned about the status of your order and want to confirm all your details.

    My order had not shipped coz the person who took my order on 9/15 freakin had bad handwriting and spelled Ahsan as Ansan.

    Well, thats my story, hope we all have a happy ending to this saga.

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    Laugh...I have a similar thread about this...

    The guy that took my order wrote TAN down instead of TOM... And they told me the same story...

    Still haven't been charged... Maybe they put in TIM this time... heh


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