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    I called Handspring toll CS this morning to do the unthinkable: check the status of my order. My order will not ship until the end of this week (I hope). When I asked for a tracking number, the CSR told me that it's unavailable, and he gave me an order ID number instead: 851. I guess this means I was the 851st in line. Did anyone else get a number like this?

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    I got one in the mid 6000s (6813 I think, but it's written down at home).
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    I guess I should also ask Did you recieve your Visor?

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    Not yet technically. I think it was delivered on 10/25, but to the office at my apt. comlex by mistake. (got that from calling UPS with the Customer Number of 951880), and giving them the rest of the info they asked for. Unfortunately, it seems there's two offices, so I need to figure out where the other one is to go check for it.

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