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    So I'm gonna have to wait another few days for those great guys in our USA office to Fedex it over the atlantic.

    But at least it arrived
    I hope everyone else's arrives soon.

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    Where did it ship to? As stated on their website: "Currently we only ship to addresses in the United States and Canada. We'll begin shipping internationally early next year".
    So, I would really check into this if it was sent anywhere besides the U.S. or Canada. Boy, that would be a screw up!
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    Sorry, I don't think I made myself entirely clear in my first post.
    I'm in the UK, I ordered a visor to be delivered to the US office of the company I work for (I can't wait 'till early-mid 2000 to try one of these things out).
    I thought that giving a US shipping address and a UK billing address would be ok, but when a number of people started reporting problems with orders that were a lot simpler than mine I started to worry.

    But it seems that I was worrying for no reason as my visor arrived in good time (within 6 weeks) and the order is correct.

    PS: I still don't know if they've billed me for it yet.


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