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    I am just looking for any ideas if I have a chance to talk to a CSR today. I called the first time, and the guy recording lured me into a daze for 123 mins, then hung up. I called the second time, and the guy recording lured me into a daze for 123 mins, then hung up. I called the third time, and the guy recording lured me into a daze for 123 mins, then hung up. I called the four time, and the woman recording answered.... so far 93 minutes? Has anyone seriously had this experience today, I just want to see if I am on the problem list. I don't care when it comes as long as it comes...

    I am in the Chicago area, ordered on the 22nd or 23rd with a debit/cc. No sign of a charge. I even called a week ok, and the guy had all my information. He couldn't confirm my credit card number because of security purposes. Seriously, they should have a seperate line for orders not placed and orders placed. Wouldn't that make sense with this overload?


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    Almost as close...about 2hours and disconnect, and now another hour and 30 minutes....How much longer can it go?
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    I got disconnected after exactly 2 hours on hold today, too... GRRR. Is this an automated disconnect? If left hanging for 2 hours, drop em?
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    It seems as though everyone gets disconnected automatically after two hours.
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    Not so on he two hour thing, I managed to stay on hold for 3 hrs and 28 minutes before getting the boot.

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    It seems now that the guy voice is the kiss of death and will lead to a cut off call in a minute or so.
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    Oh my, I guess I was lucky? to not be cut off after 2.5 hours on hold, then I had to go to sleep. But that music-first the man's voice with the really bad music then it switched over to the woman's voice and the music on hold is all staticy. They definetly have no idea of who their target audience is becuase I don't think ANY of us enjoy that on-hold music. They really need to take a look at their phone system, maybe have an estimated hold time that some companies have.
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    A contest to see who is waiting longest on the phones with Handspring? Now I've read everything...


    Ahh, that was cathartic.

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    I guess I wasn't the only one. I was lucky enough to get through about a week ago and promptly cancelled my order. Not trusting their hired csr's to get the job done, I made the mistake of trying to call back to confirm my cancellation. I've tried at least half a dozen times to get through, without any success.

    I've made tons of calls from my desk at work, only to put it on speakerphone and forget about it. I would get pulled into meetings, forget about the call, only to come back two hours later to find that I was still on hold. I eventually got disconnected.

    I got my Palm V through mail order the next day and paid $300 for it. A great deal, if you ask me. I'm envious of those of you who've had the patience to deal with all of this crap.
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    Gee. I thought the auto disconnect was at four hours. Happened to me 3 times.

    But here's what else happens: if you call in and they are REALLY swamped, you get the "We are experiencing a high volume of calls" guy recording. That means hours ahead. It will switch to the female "You are now in our priority queue...." or whatever when you get close, which I define as about 45 minutes.

    If you get the female voice from the outset, your wait will be under an hour.

    This is all anecdotal evidence.

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