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    After 2 weeks of trying, I finally replicated my first success and got in touch with Handspring's CS in Toronto. The wait time was amazingly only forty minutes (the last 3 calls were all disconnected after 4 hours). The CS couldn't find my order, volunteered to investigate further....and disconnected me. Sigh. The next wait time was 3 hours. THis time I spoke to a supervisor (no pun intended) whose unusual British accent I recalled from the first call--he was the guy who promised to have someone get back in touch with me in my first call a couple of weeks earlier. And didn't.

    This time, I got what seemed to be a lot of confusing and contradictory info. They said they didn't have my order. Then they said they did. Although they said they did, they nonetheless didn't seem to have any of my info.

    Next it was claimed that someone was literally leaving on a plane from Toronto to California with a stack of problem orders for them to straighten out in Calif. It was also claimed that my unit (ordered Oct 9) should have been shipped Friday, but (incomprehensible explanation followed) UPS did something wrong and the shipping was held up. It was next claimed that this would all be fixed in a few days and my shipment would go out.

    If that is true, then despite the CS problems (horror does not begin to describe it) I don't have much else to complain about. That would be about a 3 to 4 week lead time, which is within reasonable parameters. If true. But the signs of chaos were not encouraging and I'm not betting my mortgage.

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    I am in Toronto. Calling a long-distance number to get routed back to Toronto seems ludicrous. Do you know how I can get in touch with them directly here??

    I ordered on Sept 16, and am obviously still waiting.
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    Don't dial long distance; it's ridiculous to get a non-toll-free # and ask people to stay on hold for hours. I used the 888 toll free. OF course, I don't know if that works toll free from Toronto, or does it count as an international call for you? THe short answer I guess is I have no local # for you and since Toronto CS is just a private company that contracts out to Handspring, apparently, there's probably no way to find out through directory info either.

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