I have also cancelled my order for my Visor. If you look in the "what color did you order and why", you can see that I indeed order my Visor with the other early birds. I am sick of waiting on hold for a product that will eventually be a Circuit City or Best Buy. I am sick of CSR telling me that it is on it's way, and that everything is fine. Below is the e-mail I sent to the Handspring customer service address. It's not just the service that has made me mad, it's all the confusion at Handspring also. I have read a lot of post at this site, and have seen a lot of "come on guys, give Handspring a break, they're just started out". We shouldn't have to accept that as an excuse. I found out about the visor from the CNN webpage (along with this site) a week before thaey started taking orders. This media coverage was their poison, they obviously knew the press that they would generate by announcing a PDA with more memory than the Palm for a lower price that is available in 5 colors with a "revolutionary" feature known as a springboard, and is yet still fully compatible with the Palm! Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing product with a killer price. It's just that Handspring is entering a billon dollar market and really should have expected the volume they received. When thousands of people are giving out their financial information over the phone within hours of the phones being turned on, it implies a lot of faith and trust in a company. That same good faith should be returned by the company with their statement up front that this could be a VERY rocky process. I'm sure that we all believed upon ordering that this was going to be smooth, who really knew that our information wasn't even being logged into a central database? I sure didn't know that. Sorry about staying on my soapbox for so long, it's just unfortunate that I am still wondering if I will be charged a month from now for a Orange Visor deluxe and have to go through this hassle all over. Hope all those that are more patient receive their orders soon and are happy.


To whom it may concern,

On Sept 15 at 9 am EST I ordered a Blue Visor Deluxe from a CSR named Kai. I was told that the order would ship in the first week of October and that I would receive a confirmation e-mail the following day. Around the expected ship date, I called Handspring to confirm my order and was told that everything was fine and that my Visor was going out with the first shipment. After waiting a week or so past the expected ship date and noticing that my credit card was not charged, I called Handspring at the toll number. The rep said my information appeared to be incorrect from my initial order, and re-took all my information including my credit card number. She stated she would check on my order status and call me back "in a few minutes". I happily agreed since it was a toll call. It's been over a week now, and still no return call. I am very frustrated by the all the confusion that exist from one customer service rep to the next, the long delays on the both the toll free and long distant numbers, and the obvious delay of my order. I formally request that you cancel my order for a Blue Visor Deluxe placed on 9-15-99 at 9:00 AM with Kai, a Handsping employee. A large part of my ordering was based on the stated ship date, and as of today it appears that my order has still not been process, yet alone shipped. Any questions can be directed to my e-mail above, or my phone number that was provided with my ordering information.

Michael ********