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    Just got off of phone with CSR (2 hour wait). I ordered 9/16. Everything looked great. Address, name, cc#, everything was correct. I was calling him to see what the deal was and possibly cancel (tired of the hassle). According to him, 'Colors are backordered.' I ordered an Ice VDx. He could not cancel the order change the order or anything else. ETA on colors? 2-3 weeks!!
    On top of that, when I placed my original order, i ordered a serial cradle. When I called to confirm my order after the 'No Email' announcement, I had the CSR remove the serial cradle. Well, guess what was still on my order?
    So what do I do now? Am I not mistaken in the fact that I've seen people that ordered after I did on here post that they've already received their Ice VDx? This whole situation makes me look like a total ***** to the 30+ students that were waiting on my recommendation before ordering their own Visors.
    Bad Form Handspring, Bad Form!!


    Just emailed HS (marketing address). We'll see if I get a reply. I seriously doubt it. I sent 3 emails last week & nothing.

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    Relax. You're not the *****, remember? In fact, you're in the prime position to tell people exactly what kind of operation Handspring is currently running. Work that platform. And tell the Handspring exec team what they've just done by disservicing someone with 30+ contacts who were ready to buy. It seems that this is the only way to get things done.

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    The HS situation seems to be a prime example of how not to roll-out a product. Maybe you should forward on all your information to someone that is a Marketing/Business Instructor (assumming you're not)!

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