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    After waiting on hold for 1 hour 45 minutes tonight, I was told that my order has not shipped, but is in fact on back order (blue visor deluxe). This was rather surprising/depressing news since:

    - I ordered on 9/14 (day 1)
    - I was told on 2 previous phone calls that it had shipped and everything was in order
    - I am going on a 2 week international business trip at the end of next week and I was counting on having it along.

    The new line from Handspring: it will ship "any day now." After adding 6 additional business days for UPS ground, to "any day now" I said no thank you. I really wanted this product and I'm not happy about cancelling my order. I just can't afford to invest anymore of my energy into this whole stupid mess. Maybe I'll be back when the dust settles. For those of you who received yours -- Enjoy! It really does seem like a nice product.
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    On behalf of Handspring, let me just say that they're sad to see you go and they're sorry they didn't tell you the truth about your order inquiry. They're a new company and as a former child, you know that lying is part of growing up.

    But, sadly they're not concerned enough to stop the charade, admit they don't know the status, risk bad press, and risk losing you as a valued customer.

    Wait that's happening anyhow! Well, they are just truly sorry. Will you accept another promise to make up for it?

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    The shipping date mean of course when it left the factory in Malaysia. From there on it will take only a few more month until it reaches you.

    Hey, we are not talking here about a simple primitive product you can just buy like that.

    Can you imagine you would just go into a shop and buy? That won't be fun! Right?
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    Sequitor: sorry to hear of all the combined problems you experienced trying to get a Visor. Have a safe trip, and hope to see you anon. Anon Sequitor? Uh, nevermind.

    reganc: you're now speaking in HS' behalf? Two problems with that: 1. Not ever; 2. See #1.

    HipHop: slow boats come from China, fast cargo planes come from Malaysia. Or is that slow cargo planes?

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