Based on many of the posts I've read here in the past week I'll be wishing the person getting this job luck:

Director of Customer Services

Handspring seeks a senior customer services professional with an unwavering
dedication to customer satisfaction. This person would develop and oversee a
world-class customer care organization providing technical support and customer
relation services to consumers of Handspring products.


The Director of Customer Services would set policy for customer interactions and
oversee relationships with outsource call center vendors, as well as manage
in-house escalation support. Initially this position would also manage the telesales
efforts for the company. This position reports directly to the vice president of

Technical Support: Develop technical support materials, and hire and develop
an escalation support team.

Customer Relations: Create policies and business rules, and develop a team
to handle customer inquiries.

Outsource Vendor Management: Manage an outsource vendor to handle the
bulk of the call load, setting and tracking performance metrics, motivating call
center personnel, and working with call center management striving for
continuous improvement.

Web Tools: Develop knowledge-base materials and self-help programs to
enable customers to solve problems and inquiries by themselves with little or
no call center interaction.

Telesales: Train and motivate outsource telesales representatives to handle
order processing and sales.


Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Great team building and motivational skills.

Creative, contrarian thinker willing to rethink problems and look for new and
creative solutions.

A real doer who prides themselves in meeting deadlines and getting a wide
range of tasks done with the highest quality.

Motivated by customer satisfaction.

Follows two support rules; #1 - the customer is always right. #2 - When the
customer is wrong refer to rule #1.

Ability to drive decisions quickly.
Likes to have fun, be creative, throw out ideas, and has thick skin.


10 years of relevant customer services experience, preferably with some
technology experience, but also a broad based background in consumer

Leader of cross-functional teams, including direct experience in outsource
vendor management.

BA required, MA or equivalent preferred.

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