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    Barry (HS's CS supervisor) convinced me
    to hang in there...He said things are
    improving...and I should get my Visor
    the week of Nov. 1 (I ordered Sept. 24)..
    He was calm; I was calm..I called to
    check order status and to reluctantly
    cancel... I only plan to call them one
    more time about this order.. that will be
    TO CANCEL if my VD doesnt show up the
    week of Nov. 1...Thats my deadline ! You
    have to move on ... period.
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    I believe you'll be pleased that you have decided to wait. Way to go!

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    Thanks... The week of Nov. 1 is it though !
    Barry is "the man" ! Actions SPEAKER LOUDER
    than Words....though...7-10 days to go..
    The Count Down begins.

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    I forget to mention that I learned
    that the HS CSR staff (if not ALL of
    HS !) is well aware of VisorCentral..
    they viewed the discussions regularly..
    SO.. SMILE ...they are watching !
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    Any CSR staff bother to reply? It would certainly spice up this board!
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    Remeber that the total lack of information coming from the CSR's really isn't their fault. It's the fault of HS for not making it available to the CSR's. I've talked to a LOT of CSR's who have TRIED to help, but can't. HS needs to get their act in gear and get some timely correct information to the CSR's, and quickly!
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    I would imagine that if they are reading this, they are not allowed to post as a representative of either their company or Handspring.

    Think of the chaos that would inevitably ensue were they to do so. Not to mention the finger pointing.

    Bear in mind that if they were hired by Handspring to handle the logistics of ordering and fulfillment, then Handspring is really their customer.
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    I agree with you....You will not
    hear from any HS staff on here.
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    On that note, have you noticed that no published Handspring response has included a straight forward, direct apology? I suppose I'm satisfied with the responses I've read from Donna and Ed Colligan at VC and PC Magazine. I know they are desperately trying to fix their problems, but read their responses carefully, however, and you might find, as I did, that they are probably trying to avoid apologizing directly. If I were in their shoes, the only reason I wouldn't state, "I'm sorry for the trouble--we are fully responsible," is deliberate avoidance. An apology in their circumstances would seem to me as natural a response as breathing. But maybe they're trying to protect themselves from legal action by not directly admitting fault. I'm not an attorney, so I can't speak with confidence on the matter, but I don't know why else they wouldn't just come out and say these words, "We are sorry."

    I'm happy that they're fixing their problems, but I tell you, if they were to apologize directly, my patience and loyalty would be greatly increased!

    To Handspring: Come out and apologize! It'll go a LONG way toward establishing your reputation as the customer-oriented organzation that you seem intent on becoming.

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    At the minimum they should include a free T-shirt or some extra stylus at no charge to mishandled buyers.

    But I don't think this will happen....
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    Notice also that the only thing HS admits is that they are a simply a victim of too much enthusiasm over the company and it's products. Their spin in essence is to apologize for how great they are, when we are concerned about the decisions they're making and have made regarding care for their earliest adopters.

    Face it folks, the reason they rushed to lock people in with pre-orders was to beat Palm's price reductions and Vx introduction. Now we're practically trapped and they're shipping our Visors off to the latecomers figuring we can just hold tight .

    The careful PRPRPR $spin$ $and$ $the$ $decision$ $to$ $ship$ $to$ $Oct$ $Orders$ $before$ $Sept$ $are$ $designed$ $to$ $make$ $them$ $look$ $good$ $for$ $the$ $tech$ $investor$ $crowd$ $not$ $customers$.

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    raganc, I wish I knew where you got your ideas from. For the life of me, I just can't understand your reasoning. Why don't you just vote with your wallet and buy a Palm? Then, you won't have to worry about what Handspring might be doing. On the other hand, if you need the Visor, then you'll need to put up with Handspring no matter what they do. And, your complaining here isn't going to get Handspring to improve any faster.

    Like the original poster, I was one click away from ordering a IIIx. If you've never used a PDA, then you can probably keep doing what you're doing until your Visor arrives. Or, if you have a PDA, you can probably keep using it until your Visor. As for me, well, my Pro just died, and replacing it somewhat quickly was my priority. If Handspring could tell me things were moving rapidly and I would experience a 2 week delay, maybe 3 weeks top, to get a graphite Visor deluxe, then I would have struggled along until the Visor arrived. While I was on hold with Handspring, I was ordering a IIIx from VA for $142. After about a half hour of holding, and no one answering, I made the final click. While I would prefer the Visor, living with a IIIx, I'll update to OS 3.3 before anything, won't be the end of the world. Since I'm really looking for a Palm Vx sized unit with USB syncing and power charging, I'll use a IIIx until Hawkins, or someone else, comes up with what I really want.
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    Handspring really ought to apologize to its early orderers for the way they've been treated. That's only right.

    And it's the practical thing to do, too. If your customers see you as unresponsive, they may very well overreact, decide this is the Greatest Business Rip-Off In Recorded History and start talking threateningly about calling the FTC. Particularly the ones who don't have enough hobbies.
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    I rather that Handspring works on the problems on the hand right now. When the dust has settled. It would be nice to receive a Thank You card. Just something simple.
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    In response to an EMail I sent to the Customer Support EMail address I just received a VERY nice EMail from Donna Dubinsky in which she does apologize, specifically stating, "My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.", personally this goes ALONG way toward making me feel better about Handspring even though I still don't have my Visor or know where it is.

    My .02,
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    And ya know Bill/SUPERvisor, THEY don't know where your Visor is, either. I was told on Monday mine was on backorder, hadn't shipped, and wouldn't ship for 10 days. It arrived Tuesday morning, having been sent ground shipping the week before.

    I think above everything else, their shipping database and order database are not bidirectional.
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    I'm really interested to know how some of you get in contact with Ms. Dubinsky?? I've called a number of times and e-mailed and have not heard ANYTHING back from HS. It would be nice not to be lost in this shuffle of "overwhelming enthusiasm". I was assured by one of the CSRs after correcting my 9/14 order that it would be "expressed" but I can only take that with a grain of salt... I'm just really curious as to how some of you are getting responses? Is it the "squeaky wheel" theory? Because I've been trying to leave them alone so they can get their act together, but it looks as if that isn't going to get me any info...

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