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    To make a long story short here is what Paul (the product specialist cuz there were no supervisors on duty) he told me:
    1. They have temporarily stopped shipping ALL ORDERS as of yesterday to fix the problems with people getting billed for more than one.
    2. They are backordered on Ice and Blue and won't have any more for awhile.
    3. Anyone who ordered using a Visa Check Card (same as a Visa Debit Card) will not get one because they are being rejected!
    What will they screw up next!!??
    P.S. Did anyone get an extra Visor they want to sell me for a reasonable price?

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    When you mention a Visa check card, is that the same as a Visa debit card? If so, will Handspring be notifying those folks????
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    Check Card and Debit Card are the same thing....
    Doesn't make sense, I'm sure an incredibly large percentage of orders used them.
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    I think I'm in trouble! (Along with probably 30,000 others) That's kind of a nifty solution-if you run out of stock just automatically drop all those that paid with a particular card! Then maybe you have enough stock again to take care of the backlog!
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    I'm just taking a guess here, but I think the key to the problem with "check" cards, ie "credit" cards that tie directly into bank accounts, is that check cards don't allow authorizations w/o charges. IOW, 99% of the time, the card is run through and the funds are withdrawn, whereas, apparently, with the brilliant system they've employed, there are a lot of orders that have been authorized but very few (relatively speaking) that have actually been "charged." This may have contributed to or been the cause of the problem in connection with check cards.

    I am continually amazed at how many ways this situation has been mishandled by Handspring. It just keeps getting more and more outrageous.

    And I'm not talking out of anger and desperation, as I know where my Deluxe is (somewhere in a UPS shipping station about twenty miles from my house) and know that it will be in my hands by Tuesday or Wednesday. Even today when I called for a tracking number, they gave me 16 of the 18 necessary digits. They (whoever they is) cannot get it right, and, again, I am absolutely amazed.
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    Handspring should've called, e-mailed, or posted a message on their front page long ago, right after their order database crashed saying: "We are experiencing technical problems with orders and are not taking any new orders until Nov 1st since that is the date of projected availability. Those who placed orders by phone on these dates: _________ please call us to ensure your order is correct."

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    OK, all you lucky ones who have your Visor. Did you use a debit or check card???
    Let's get some actual data here instead of listening to what the CRS's say. After all, they have been right about as much as a TV weather person.
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    All this drama ...

    IF the Visa check card rumor is true, then you are probably better off. When you use debit cards you lose the consumer protection that is afforded 'regular' Visa card users. A debit card transaction is treated like a check, only it clears much faster. What recourse do you have toward a vendor once a check has already cleared? Nada' - they already have your $$$.

    So, considering the current hostile, half-empty attitudes about Handspring, you might just be better off to have your card rejected.
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    I have a Washington Mutual Gold Check Card, and I have a lot more advantages over many credit card purchasers...
    My warranty is automatically doubled...
    If it's stolen or broken my bank will pay for the replacement (up to $50,000)...
    If there is a problem with billing my bank will step in and take care of it for me (which it has had to do before)...

    By the way this service only costs me $3.00 a month and has worked for me in fantastic ways...

    I just talked to a csr and he said the problem with debit cards being rejected has to do with particular banks... But I don't know if this is true...
    I also changed my method of payment to my regular credit card to ensure no problems. The CSR said he would put a priority thingy on it saying I would like to change payment options and that I ordered in the 4th list, so it is supposed to be for sure shipped next week...
    He also mentioned there are only FIVE(5), I repeat FIVE(5) CSRs on shift right now due to the dreaded graveyard shift... not enough I would say... but he was pleasant and I chatted with him for at least 45 minutes about canada and handspring and Quebec bithin' about wanting to sucede from Canada, just to make you guys all wait that EXTRA long time... hehehehehehe, and NO, I'm not kidding...

    happy trails,


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    Not true, at least not for my Wells Fargo MasterCard check card. I had an incident where a vendor double-charged me for a purchase. The second charge was several days after the first. I called the bank and disputed it. They sent me a form, I filled it out, and a few days later the charge was deleted and the monies returned. No muss, no fuss.
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    Well, this is going to make things easier. Since they haven't/aren't going to charge my debit card, I guess I just won't worry about it and call VA and pick me up a new PalmV. So long Handspring!!!


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    That is very good to hear. I guess it all comes down to the bank you use. I have heard a couple horror stories regarding the use of the debit cards, though. (Like double charging that leads to overdrafts (for which the charde is $25 a piece) and the bank tking almost 2 months to clear up the situation. That kinda stuff.

    Thanks for setting me straight on that.
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    Did anybody ask the question that "Maybe their wasn't money in the debit/checking account and hence that's why that one was rejected".

    A CSR stating that they've stopped using debit cards doesn't make can you tell whether it's a debit card or a credit card by just the number. My MasterCard number is nearly the same as my Bank Debit card number. The only difference is the last 8 digits not the first 8 which determines the bank. I'd bet somebody didn't have the money in the bank and this CSR determined that it was a debit card and now he applies a blanket statement.

    This forum is quickly becoming better than my wife's soap opera when it comes to rumors.

    Jack Webb said it best....just the facts ma'm.
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    I don't know how often you use your credit cards folks but my gold Visa CIBC let's me cancell any sales at any time, it will also replaced any damaged goods warrantied on the spot, a call away. If I wanted to cancel my Visor order, it would take me 10 seconds...
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    NOT to excuse Handspring in any way, shape or form for the sloppy and mismanaged ordering situation - BUT:

    I would strongly recommend NEVER using your Visa check/debit card for this type of order (new vendor/unknown quantity). In fact, though I've had a check card for a few years and use frequently, I keep a close eye on it and I never use it for mail order, phone orders, or at an unknown vendor.

    The reason? Federal law governs how much you can be held liable for when your credit card is stolen or otherwise misused. $50 only. The law does NOT cover debit cards - yet.

    Now, Visa and MasterCard have both instituted $50 caps on liability for fradulent charges on check cards. But these are voluntary policies and they could change them at any time, without the protection of law.

    And everything hinges on how fast you find out that your account has been misused. If someone uses your card fraudulently or if a vendor double-charges you in error (hell-lo Handspring!) the money is withdrawn from your account immediately. If you don't find out about it right away and request a credit for the amount, it could lead to a cascade of other problems - bouncing checks, overdrawn account, bank charges up the wazoo. At least with a regular credit card you have a 'cushion' of time until the bill comes due, during which you can dispute charges without being out-of-pocket.

    For more info check out this article from

    I have personally had the experience of having a fraudulent charge show up on my debit card. It was a very small charge, an isolated incident. I called my bank and they assured me they'd take care of it. What they DIDN'T tell me was that they were cancelling my card! So two weeks later (a two week delay, really smart, if someone wanted to continue using my card number they would have had ample time to do so) my card suddenly stopped working. Not good when it's your ATM card also and you're out of cash until they send the new card.

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    I ordered using a debit card on October 5th and today received the serial cradle and notice of a backorder on Blue Visor Deluxes. I think there is a lot of rumors floating around getting everybody worked up.

    I was told 4-6 weeks when I ordered. It's only been 3.
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    Did you ordered online or thru' the phone?
    There is a small anxious/envious community here who ordered online so far still "PATIENTLY" waiting for theirs.
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    Yes, glmark, it's 3 for you, but for those early (and somewhat later) saps it's going on 6 (next week for me).
    It's hard being reasonable/patient with a company that has muffed a rollout so monumentally (remember that IBM eCommerce commercial: I'm really stupid...I forgot to tell the web guys about this hot new product rollout was gonna be huge!) Every other web vendor I've used provides at least a confirmation, if not a tracking #, online reciept and online tracking.
    This will be a classic case study in bad project management...perhaps I can get them to tell me the story??
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    I ordered mine on Oct. 5 and I was told 3 weeks. Was also told I'd get a confirmation email, of course, but we all know about THAT.

    I ordered Ice so I'm quite certain I'm backordered at this point. I don't feel there's any point in calling to confirm that until their on-hold times improve.

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