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    Alright i posted my story earlier today. but here it is again...

    called hs this morning to check my vitals after reading all the posts. got through pretty quick, it was early am(which for this college student is 8a, sorry to all the real worlders who were in traffic.) the csr checked quick and all my info was correct. i ordered my Graphite Dlx on 10/5ish and she said that it had shipped on the 19th. well i was blown away.

    well it gets better, an hour later ups calls to see if i'll be home in the afternoon to get my package.

    well i made sure of it, apologizes to my investment finance prof...

    lets just say it is tops. to start the cover is nice, a little getting use to but better than what i have on my calculators. will offer lots of protect for sure! the screen is real sharp, haven't seen any of the streaking some people posted about. back light cool too, almost an 'indiglo' thing going n. i was expecting the styles to be super sheap, but it really isn't that bad it gets the job done. the visor itself feels really sturdy those initial 'cheap plastic' reports were way off! leather case is nice not cheap by any means nice cushy, seems tough.

    haven't really put it through its paces yet but i like it.

    vitals again.
    Graphite Visor Dx ordered10/5ish by phone with visa debit card. regular shipping went out the 19th arrived in La Crosse, WI 10/25 in the pm.

    hope everyone gets theirs as soon as possible. they are worth the wait. this is my first pda. i almost went with the palm 3x but i'm glad i waited....
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    you ordered on 10/5? and you've already got yours? Now that stinks. Congrats to you, but for those of us who ordered the first week, that really ticks me off.


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    No one here is challenging the fact that the Visors are a nice product. But it's funny how the "Mr Octobers" think that it's *good* news and reflects highly on Handspring that they are getting Visors when many Sept orders are now on indefinite hold because of premature shipments to October orders has now left HS out of stock.

    One more week and we'll even see November order "sucess" stories. Yipee.
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    I ordered mb VDx the first day of October and they say it will be 2 more weeks before it even ships.
    For all of you that are just pissed of is having a $100 rebate

    So you can get a Palm V for $229.00
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    Might there be something about colors? On another board, someone mentioned Handspring was out of ice and blue, and yours was graphite. I wonder....
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    I've been watching pretty closely since I ordered mine on 10/5...a few people who ordered theirs the first week in Oct. HAVE rec'd them, but all have been graphite.

    I ordered Ice. I'm settling in for a long wait.

    The early orderers' Visors are either (1) on the truck and on their way (2) misdirected due to faulty order info (3) never sent due to faulty order info. I don't yet have a good sense of what the cutoff is where people's color Visors started being backordered.

    By the way, not that Handspring's been doing a good job... but UPS has been known to have screwups of their own...and major ones. I've suffered many a misdirected package courtesy of UPS.

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