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    I am one of those who ordered online(10/8) and now has no way to check the status of my order until the online store resurrection is complete. Has anyone who ordered online received his/her Visor yet?
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    I've been trying to keep a log of received units (see Visor Received Log). So far only phone orders seem to be arriving.
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    I placed my order in the wee hours of October 6, so I believe I placed one of the earliest on-line orders. Handspring's site told me "4-6 weeks" when I placed the order. I don't feel the need to complain to them unless I haven't received my Visor by November 17. If it comes before November 3, they will have exceeded my expectations.
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    I also ordered on October 6 on-line, but have not received anything yet.

    Th e-mail confirmation I received indicated a ship date of 10/31. I also spoke with a CSR yesterday who said an approximate delivery date of 2 - 3 weeks from yesterday (10/20). That;'s fairly consistent with what I expected.

    Nothing has hit my credit card yet, though.
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    I too ordered online on 10/6 during the day. I didn't realize that there was such a small window of opportunity to do so. I've been told by CRS to expect my Visor sometime in November.

    Now here's an interesting question: what happens if you have to change your billing information, as in you lost the ATM card on which you placed the order, and until the online store goes up, you can't change the order?

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    Just wanted to see if any of us online guys had received their holy grail yet or found out any shipping info yet?
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    I ordered around 4pm on 10/6 and haven't heard anything. But then I didn't think I would see my Visor till early November anyway. I've looked at my email and can't find a projected ship date other than 4-6 weeks.
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    Well, reading the discussion here at VisorCentral has had two effects on me. It's made me increasingly nervous about my on-line order, and it had got me to chomping at the bit for a PalmOS PDA.

    So I caved in to temptation and bought a Palm IIIx at a nearby computer store. I rationalized it this way: when the Visor comes, I can do a head-to-head comparison, keep my favorite and sell off the other; and in the event (however unlikely) that I don't get my Visor at all, then I'll still have had a Palm to play with and I won't feel like I've waited it out for nothing. :-)
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    I still have my old reliable HP Palmtop(5 yrs). I just have to wait PATIIENTLY. Sometimes I just wished Handspring would just ship graphite Visors to those who ordered online. It is very disappointing and discouraging everytime I read someone who already received theirs when they ordered later than us.

    On the other hand, with those who ordered in the first week still have no Visor in their hands. I should just wait patiently but only to the end of the 6th week.

    Watch out Handspring three weeks more to go.

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