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    Has anyone confirmed that express shipping has actually occurred? I beleive I have a package headed my way for delivary tommorrow based on a 16 digit tracking number I received and guess work on the last 2 digits. The only problem is it is a normal ground delivary. I have talked with two CSR's and a supervisor who have all told me independently that my visor shipped on 10/19. Which was also the day my card was charged? (Again I didn't tell the CSR's this until after they told me my shipped date) They also said that it was expressed shipped. I guess when I see the invoince on the bill I will know for sure if I was charged for express shipping. Has anyone out there confirmed that their visor was indeed expressed shipped?


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    Based on the received log I don't believe any Express Shipping has occurred. Your UPS label will state what kinda shipping you got...check the invoice as you've stated for verification.
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    Ive never seen an express shipment recived either. Maybe that was some sort of "feel-good" option for suckers. I was wondering why it was only a few bucks more!
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    Can someone who requested ground shippment tell me how much they were charged for shipping? I was charged $9.30 which seems to be the price for express shipping. (but I received ground shipping.)
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    I never inquired as to the meaning of "express shipping" because I live 1 day delivery from the shipping center. Unless it is specified as "UPS Red", "UPS Blue" or "over night", the expression is really meaningless. "Express" may mean that it "priority" status in the shipping center. Many companies charge extra to get it to the shipper faster, but the means of transport remains the same. Any insights from those who have asked the question, "What does express shipping mean?"
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    The express shipping is a myth.

    When a supervisor called me back yesterday, I asked a lot of questions about their process, and how this many mistakes could be made. He explained that they had "good intentions" but that several things that were slowing the ordering process down had to be cut. Among these:

    1. Changing visor color after ordering
    2. Express vs. regular shipping.
    3. Cancelling your order.

    I was livid about number 3. It's plain irresponsible to not have a mechanism in place to stop orders that haven't yet been fulfilled. It's not as though they've charged me for a visor; my order is sitting in shipping, but there's nothing I can do except wait for the package, refuse it, and hope they get the RMA process down.

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