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    Thursday I got a 16 digit UPS tracking number after 2 calls. On hold 2 hours with cutoff. Tried again, success after about another 2 hours with the female voice on the recording. A friendly CSR gave me an order number and UPS tracking number(16 digits)
    1Z951880 is the first part then the main number. I tacked on 01,02,03,04 etc to the end. Need 18 Digits total(another post earlier)only 100 combinations if the rest is correct. I found mine(I hope) and 10 other orders. Some delivered some in transit. Mine is hopefully in the truck on the way as I type this. Otherwise I am going to be a grumpy camper this weekend. I should know in a couple of hours my UPS driver has been hounded for about 2 weeks. BTW I ordered on 9-15 in the morning. Visor Deluxe

    I had first 16 Digits of 18 to figure this out after 4 hours on the phone 99.9% hold. Can't really tell where stuff is going just where it has been on UPS system.

    Hope this helps

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    Any of those orders going to Malvern, PA?
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    Can you explain how you found your tracking number without having your tracking number? I am no mathematician but this couldn't be too hard...
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    If you call the for-pay customer service line, they will give you a tracking number...unfortunately the number they give you is invalid (its 16 digits rather than the required 18) just try adding all combos of 2 digits (00-99) and track it online. You are bound to hit some valid numbers. I tracked at least 4 lucky devils who have visors sitting at their doors...alas none are mine.
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    I have been trying to call the 716 number, to no answers, thanks me for calling Handspring, plays a bit o' the muzak, then bounces me like a bad check. What number(s) is working now?
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    I called the 716 number at 8 am on Sat. It answered and someone answered within 5 minutes.
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    I just called it at 11:00AM EST, and didn't even get put on hold! The phone rang on their end, and someone picked up! This is amazing, considering the fact that I had to wait for ten minutes or so, PLUS get a busy signal for my troubles, all last week.

    And on TOP of that, I managed to get the first 16 digits of my UPS number, PLUS (after searching on 60 or so entries) managed to find my package!!! It's enroute to Binghamton from Buffalo even as I speak, which means that I should have it in my hands on Monday!!!!

    During my search I saw three packages heading to Worcester, MA (which is a usual stop for packages going to Boston, and all points northeast), one going somewhere in Florida, and one going somewhere in Jersey, so those of you east of me shouldn't dispair... your Visors are on their way!
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    Could you post that number so the rest of us could have a look?
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    Minicooper: you need YOUR tracking number. His will only allow you to search 100 of the millions shipped every day. If you have the 16 digits of your number though then you can search through the 100 possibilities.
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    Probably won't do you much good, but the first 16 digits I was given were...


    Of the 100 possible 2 digit combinations that can be tacked on to the end of it, only about 11 or so (including mine) were valid tracking numbers.

    Your best bet is to call 716-871-6442, hope you can get through, and ask for the first 16 digits of YOUR tracking number.
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    I tried the trick. I went to the UPS web-site and typed in my sixteen digits. Then I tried from 1-99 for the last two.

    Actually, it appears that there is only one correct set of the last two digits for every 10. If you type each string of numbers in the 00-10 range, only one number will work. So, for every 16 digit number there appears to be 10 valid 18 digit numbers.

    Anyway, I found a number in my city. I then called UPS with this number and they said that a package was delivered today. They couldn't tell me however the address, zip, name or anything else.

    I guess I'll know when I get home.
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    It worked! The derived 18 digit number was the one! It was delivered at 6:30 last night. Of course, it may be a moot point, since they are starting to get the 18 digit numbers in.
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    I was given a 16 digit tracking number last week and when I tried all combos none worked. THis morning I tried again and found several still in transit including mine, I HOPE. If anyone is interested the track numbers are:

    1Z 951 880 03110445

    14 CA 10/25
    23 MD 10/25
    32 MD 10/25
    69 NJ 10/25
    87 CA 10/25
    96 MA 10/25

    All of the rest of the numbers are already delivered. Looks like some people will be getting Visors today.


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