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    After a frustrating day on the phone with Cust. Service yesterday, where I tried to get my tracking number amoung other things, (see post "Customer Service Thinks Everything is Fine"), I got a call from a CS supervisor! I couldn't believe it. He was calling to give me my 18 digit number as requested (and after much jousting with another CS rep. about call backs).

    Maybe they're getting the message.

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    Could you post the first 16 digits of the number? I was given an incorrect one and I'm thinking that it may actually be in another batch of shiments...I hope!
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    My 16 digit Number is 1z95188003111738
    The last two digits of 85 is in Mesquite Texas Right now. Isn't that somewhere near Plano? Other valid digits are
    03, 12,21,30,49,58,67,76,85,94 49 is mine so don't touch it
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    Maybe that is mine! I hope so!!
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    WOW. I called a few min. ago and got through. NO HOLDING! The CSR was VERY nice and when I asked for my tracking number, she GAVE IT TO ME. Here's the scoop...

    I ordered: 9/14 3pm EST
    It Shipped: 10/20
    It was in Buffalo NY Last night, so MAYBE today?

    this is my 18 Digit # 1Z9518800311086185

    This is MUCH better... but its STILL been one hell of a ride.

    Maybe they can turn this around?

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