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    Since I haven't received my Visor, I called UPS with the Handspring Shipper Number 951880. There is nothing in their system for my address, even though it was supposed to get there on Friday. So. I called Handspring CS. After a lenghy discussion about my order (they say it's fine and has shipped), and after they were unable to give me the 18 Digit tracking number (supposed to be in the system in a couple of days, I'll believe it when I see it), The customer Service Supervisor said that "everyone who had placed early orders had received their Visor".

    I was floored at this. It's evident to me that are major problems with Order Fullfillment and Handspring has even acknowleged this fact on their website. Yet, the CS supervisor tried to convince me
    that everything was fine.

    Then, she said she would "look into it". When I asked her when I could expect a return call, she backpeddled and said that she wasn't planning toa call me back. So I asked the obvious - How was she going to communicate was sho found out? She expected me to call back.

    These people are living in a fantasy land.

    HANDSPRING: This is the worst customer service I have ever seen!

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    There seem to be many of us who ordered early and haven't gotten our Visors. . .

    I hope Handspring hears us - this must be fixed!

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    Handspring has gone from a computer foul-up in the early days (stuff happens) to deciding to ignore that by continuing to take unnecessary pre-orders into an overloaded system. Then carefully worded spin admitting only that business is tough because their wild success was *so* unexpected, to now the last few days, several outight lies that we know of.

    This is absolutely inexcusable and the peeling off of the layers of hype has revealed them to be a sick company on the verge of dying.

    They got addicted to their own startup hype and are currently in denial. They still refuse to proactively contact jilted customers and will not publicly admit their core failures, only mentioning symptoms of the failure like busy phones.

    Remember the company who trapped people on their stranded cruise ship and lied to them about the problem? They escaped only by contacting the Coast Guard! In this case I suppose some people in the FTC might be of assistance...
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    I would agree that the CS problem is still one that needs to be addressed. There is no service. When I finally got a CSR to agree that my order was fouled up, and it was their fault, I wanted a supervisor. There was none there for a few hours. How was I expected to get in touch with them? Would they call me? NO!!! I had to call back! So much for the "service" in Customer Service!
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    Maybe they're getting the message. This morning I had a v-mail from another supervisor at CS. He gave me my 18 digit tracking number!

    My Visor arrived last night. (see the arrival board).

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