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    I can't believe this. I ordered my Visor Deluxe on 10/12. I got it today, 10/21. 4-6 weeks? Shyeah! Right! As if!
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    People on the West Coast SUCK! (Just kidding!) Man, I wish I had MY Visor. . .
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    You lucky bugger! Those of us who ordered in the first week and are still Visorless are getting steamed!
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    What color did order? Maybe more graphite units are shipping than colored ones?
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    Grrrrrraaaaaaaaaa ANGRY FISH!!!
    Lucky... They better deliver to NY by Tuesday, that would be the LAST day of their 4-6 week excuse... I ordered 9/14 and asked for express shipping... man I wish they had those tracking numbers so I could yell at UPS instead of Handspring...

    PS Mine's going back if that screen streaks like someone posted earlier, that was why I was getting it instead of a plalmV.
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    hey we are in the same town. Did you ordered online or thru' the phone? I ordered online on 10/8.

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    I ordered the graphite Visor. The rest look too iMac-ish for me. I love this thing. It's my first PDA (I had a Palm IIIe for a week but returned it when I heard about the Visor) and it's a blast. I'm tempted to hook up all the software for the cradle here at work just to start playing with it!

    This is so cool. Just when I was beginning to realize I'd have to wait another 4 weeks. Sorry, I'm not trying to be snotty or rub it in or anything. I'm just damn excited!
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    I ordered on the phone. It took a while for me to get through, but I eventually got it ordered. The sales guy (who could barely speak English) even got all my info right.

    The box showed up today and I was expecting some DVDs that I had ordered. This is much better.
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    "The rest look too iMac-ish for me."

    And just what is wrong with an iMac, hmmm??
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    Tequila, I didn't think you were being snotty. You have a right to be psyched. We're just envious.

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    Don't even get me started on what's wrong with an iMac.

    But we're not here for the whole PC vs. Mac argument. We're here to talk about the Visor. Man this thing is cool. It's everything the reviews have been saying it'd be. I like the new clicky buttons and the sound they make doesn't bother me at all. The way the stylus fits in is great, but it does feel a bit cheap. I'd like to have a bit heavier stylus for it. I'll get one eventually. The leather case is even nice. It's got the stretchy sides and the Visor fits in nicely. It sticks out a bit at the top, but that's fine. It makes it real easy to take it out.

    Time to go play some more...
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    Ah shaddap, Tequila. I haven't got my Visor yet. Thank you so much for bringing up such a painful topic. While you're at it, why don't you just give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice all over it. (Can anyone name that movie? Anyone? Anyone?)

    Seriously though, I do have some other questions. Does it have that "streaking" problem someone else complained about? Does it really look that much different from the pictures on the site? The guys at Internet World ranted about how different the colored ones look in person, and said they looked kind of cheesy. Your opinion?

    I'm glad to see that you (and the other happy parents) don't seem to be disappointed at all.

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    I'll wait for a movie quote that's worthy of a challenge. >

    I don't know what the color ones look like. I got the graphite one, or as one reviewer called it, "Batman black."

    I assume the streaking you're referring to are the lines that you sometimes see when looking at something that's got long vertical lines, like the calendar. Yeah, that's there, but it's not bad. It doesn't bother me at all. If you're not talking about that, then what? URL?
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    This guy talks about the streaking problem.
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    Off the topic, but the quote is from "Swimming with Sharks", if I am not mistaken...what a good movie that was!! I was worried about ordering in October because I thought I would have to wait forever for Visor, since I live on the east coast. I would rather get a good deal on IIIx now and wait to see if the color screen Palms live up to the hype.

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    The answer to the quote is "What is 'The Princess Bride', Alex?"

    Glad you're enjoying your Visor, Tequila. it gives me something to look forward to! Keep up the comments!

    Woo hoo!
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    JAK is the winner! And, for getting the correct answer, we'll be shipping you a highly coveted, brand spanking new Visor from Handspring! (You did order one, yes?)

    Tequila, can I have your Visor? Mine didn't ship until yesterday, so I have to wait until next Tuesday or Wednesday for mine. <sniff>

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    Um, let's see. Give up my visor? Hmmm... I'll let you know next Tuesday or Wednesday.
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    Got mine today at 5:30 via UPS Ground (Indianapolis)...ordered by phone on 10/13/99...Std Visor w/usb cradle...serial cradle backordered. Pretty cool PDA, glad I returned my Palm IIIe!

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