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    Well, I called my credit card company last week and my card had been ticketed for $276.37 for 1 green visor deluxe. Despite that the price seems too high, I was psyched that Id soon be getting my visor supposedly. The credit card rep said "ticketed" means that credit is looked into but not charged, and that if it was not excecuted within 5 (or 6 ?) days, the "ticket" would expire and nothing would be charged.

    Here's the problem. I called back today, and the ticket has expired and I was not charged for the visor. In fact, there is now no record of Handspring activity on my account at all anymore. So is it on its way? Why didnt they actually charge me? Did anyone else get dinged, and then have the ticket expire on them too?
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    Yep, same thing with me. Last Monday, 10/18, my card was authorized for the same amount.

    As of today, no Visor. The supervisor I talked to this afternoon says that it hasn't shipped, and he doesn't know when it will ship. He said that they're having ice-colored cradle shortages.

    I asked to cancel my order. He told me that they don't have a process for order cancellation, and that I should just refuse delivery. I told him that I wasn't confident that they would refund my money in any sort of reasonable amount of time. His response? "It's almost as much of a priority as new orders."

    So, I called my bank. They said that since I've given them authorization to charge my card, they can't prevent the transaction. They can, however, issue me a new card and cancel my old one. This, however, would screw up any other transactions that are still in the pipeline.

    Meanwhile, I ordered on 9/22, and I regret doing so. Handspring customer service hasn't done anything to convince me that they're anything other than grossly incompetent. I can't cancel my order. I can't even find out when it might ship. All I know is that I'll be out nearly 300 dollars at some unspecified time in the future.



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