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    Let's see here. I've been calling all week seeing if everything was ok with my visor shipment. All they ever said was it wasn't shipping yet, it'll go out next week, it's backordered, etc.

    UPS has said that nothing has been sent to my zip code from them, nothing has been sent to my address at ALL.

    I get home today and I see a yellow note from UPS saying a package was delivered. Go to the front office (apartments) and guess what I get.. a blue visor.

    I don't know WHY the hell I had to go through so much BS when it already shipped. All the CSRs had to do was say it shipped and give me a tracking number and I never would have wasted their time. I took up potential time for another customer who could have had a different (real) issue to take care of.. only if they had communicated.

    I would be even more psyched about getting this, but now I'm just happy I got it at all.

    The best thing anyone can do is just wait this week out and then see what ends up happening. No one over there knows what's going on, but it seems as if things are still working, even without any communication.
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    where are you located? When did you order? What is your tracking number?
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    Well, I got a similar story from the CSR when I called Sat afternoon (would be shipping in a week to 10 days...nothing said about backorder.) I ordered a blue visor on 10/1. So far I haven't gotten a call from the receptionist at work that I have a package. (But tomorrow's another day!) I have a collegue itching to see the thing as he's considering buying one!
    Oh, one other thing, my CC has been charged..about a week ago if I recall.

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    I ordered on the 14th (sept) so it's about time I got it.

    I'm in Ohio, so these things ARE making it out east.. finally.

    Tracking # according to the box


    UPS must not know how to check their databases either since apparently mine didn't show up. Oh well, it got here and that's proof enough that it shipped.

    When did the rest of you order?

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