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    I ordered my Visor Deluxe fairly early on 9/14. When I heard that they had begun shipping, I called Handspring and experienced the joy of sitting on hold forever and not getting through. Using the information provided in the Visor Central discussion groups, I contacted UPS on Friday only to learn that there were no shipments headed to my house. When I called Handspring early on Saturday morning the CSR informed me that there was "a problem" with my order. She speculated that my credit card was over its limit (wrong!), then that they had the wrong credit card number (wrong again!) or expiration date (strike three!). She then promised to have her supervisor call me later in the day (which never happened).

    I just called again and got through in only five minutes, but this CSR ALSO took me through the speculations about my credit card and then suggested that maybe my shipping address was wrong (it wasn't, but how would they know if it was??). I am again waiting for "a supervisor" to call back. Yeah, and the check is in the mail...

    I'm more than a little disgusted.
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    I am in the SAME BOAT!
    See another post with others that have the same problem.

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