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    I've read a few reports of customers having received their Visors without ever getting charged by the time of receipt. (Or maybe I just think I did...after reading so many outrageous posts it's hard to distinguish the real from paranoia.)

    I'm curious to know how many readers are/were in this situation.

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    I received my Visor on 10-20 and my card was just billed this morning 10-25 for $271.20

    This is a debit card ... I haven't ever noticed lag in the past, but I've got my Visor, I've been charged, life is good.
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    I haven't yet recieved -or- been charged for my Visor, but having 'delayed' charges has occurred to me many times...and probably you as well--you just didn't notice it b/c you didn't care when the charge cleared. Sometimes the system requires time to sync, or sometimes the old paper charges are used, and this delays things. Usually the charges appear though on the date of the invoice...that is, they show up on the 25th but are dated the 20th.

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