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    Just sitting here...waiting. This is week 6 since I placed my order...the end of week 6. No site of my Visor Deluxe...


    My Visor just arrived today! 10/25 at 11:30am EST in Lexington, KY. I knew Handspring wouldn't let me down. The promised and they came through. Would have been nice to get it sooner but I was just getting so anxious. Thanks Handspring! I hope everyone gets theres soon. It was well worth the wait!!!

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    Um, I don't know how you figured that the end of 6 weeks was today unless you ordered before the 9/14 start date...

    9/14 -> 9/21 Week 1
    9/21 -> 9/28 Week 2
    9/28 -> 10/5 Week 3
    10/5 -> 10/12 Week 4
    10/12 -> 10/19 Week 5
    10/19 -> 10/26 Week 6

    SO, like me, we REALLY get mad starting every day after the 26th
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    Well, it won't REALLY be 6 weeks until the end of business on the 25th. If it hasn't shipped by then there are REAL problems! At least that what the CSR told me...So they don't consider any first day orders a problem until after the 25th, because of the "announced" 4-6 week ship time. Isn't it amazing that they can pick which announcement that they want to stick with? I'm sticking with the FIFO announcement! I don't care if it takes 6 weeks to ship. I'm ticked that people who ordered AFTER me have theirs and I don't have mine!
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    Technically, you're right. But we are in the 6th week since I ordered and today is Friday.

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    staad - EXACTLY ! There are people who ordered 2 weeks after we did who already have theirs...
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    Buts its NOT 6th week, even from when you ordered, not till tuesday. Whatever... I know what you mean, I just want mine here by Monday... Tuesday at the latest. And if it has the streaking problem of the IIIx, (which I hope it won't) it goes back the same day and I'm forced to buy a Vx for more oney... better hurry UPS guy!
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    Not the 6th week. Today is the 22nd. The sixth week started on the 19th...
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    Oh, gotcha. Sorry, what can you do but wait? We can't cancel, we can't stop the shipment, the only thing we can do to get back at them for all this is put stop payments on Handspring and refuse the shipment... shich will happen if I don't have a Visor in my hand by no later than Wednesday next week.
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    I totally agree with you handsprung. The excitement is over just give me what I freaking paid for.
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    Six weeks is up tomorrow, and I hear it's backorder central for the colored Visors. And don't try switching to graphite to get it sooner, the stated policy is you'll go back of the queue.

    I bet there will be many more people upset this week because so many were giving them the benefit of the doubt last week without even a tracking mumber or a double billing to show for it.

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    This was my deadline - I will now refuse shipment. Ordered a Palm V from Value America this morning for $222 after s/h. Saves $60 bux from the Visor!
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    Rich, you should have waited on the VA deal. They're suppossed to have the Vx this week (or early next week). After the Visa discount, you'll be able to get it for around $300. Only about $20 more than what everybody is getting charged for their visors. If my visor don't show today (giving the benifit of the doubt), I'll be one of the first to order the Vx on VA.


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    Good deal! Only a little more and you get 6mb less memory and no springboard. It's a good thing you are an impatient person.
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    Uhhhh... A Vx has 8MB dude and is half the size with lithium batteries and a better screen. It's sweet but no springboard.
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    Vx = 8MB, Will be on VA For $399 - $100 discount. By the time it is online the $20 discount will be expired.
    This means Palm V now for $209 vs. Palm Vx who knows when for $300. Thats $90 dollars difference. I'd rather buy the V now and then I can spend the $100 to upgrade it to 8MB later if need be and I've only lost $10 dollars. Seemed like the correct way to proceed.

    In reference to the springboard..the more I thought about it the more I realized I'd never really buy a springboard module..I have devices that perform all of those functions, I'd rather have a smaller PDA.

    I'm sure many of you don't agree with that....but those were the main factors behind my decision...

    Plus now I've got an extra $60 bux since the Visor was gonna be $280

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    Hate to throw water on your plan....but currently the upgrade path for the V is not good. It's not a "relatively" simple user upgrade like the III, and the two companies I know of offering to upgrade want $199 & at least a week. I'm betting that if you buy the V and need more memory, you'll be dollars (& time) ahead to just buy something new (as the prices continue to fall).
    As a Sep 21 order, I really don't have room to gripe until next week (week 6). But It would give me more confidence if all the first week had shipped...
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    I'm fairly positive I could perform the upgrade myself, if not:
    Will perform the upgrade for $100 and not charge you to ship it back. Also provides a 30 day warranty....
    so I'm not too worried thanks for the word of advice though.

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