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    Finally got in to check my order status and the damn system is down so they can't get in to check my order. I wanted to verify my address and zip. I was given a 16 digit tracking number on Sat. and in my excitment I forgot to verify the rest of the info. I went to ups on-line and thought I found my package last scanned in Dallas, TX (I'm in Frisco just north of Dallas). Well I plug that tracking number in this morning and BAM the package is now in Austin. GRRR......
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    How did you get a tracking number? Did you get it over the phone when you called? When I called, they said they didn't have access to the information!!!

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    But if you have the correct tracking number you should be able to redirect the packege. Right?
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    You can get the tracking number out of the customer service people; I did. I had to give them my phone number and they had to call me back.

    They called back about six hours later with the tracking number. It shouldn't have taken them that long to find it, but that's the breaks.

    According to UPS, my Visor should be arriving today. I ordered on Sept 14th.
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    I hope you're not saying you waited on hold in order to be told "we can't help you, our system is down."

    Please tell me that there was a message to that effect instead of the muzak. Please?
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    I order on Sept 14th too so hopefully it will be arriving shortly.

    I just tried calling HS on the non-tollfree number and was hung-up on after being on hold for about 45 minutes. I guess I must have encountered one of the new CS Reps they started today.
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    I called CS at 9:00 EST on the toll number and got through to a live body on the 3rd ring - no wait!
    According to the CSR, she will make my order "priority" and it will go out with the first shipment out, as soon as they start shipping again. She said it should be "this week" when they resume shipping. She also said that as soon as you see a charge on your credit card that your order is shipped (hmmmmm, that doesn't square with most of the postings here). She also said that as soon as it ships (ie: a charge shows up on your card), you can call for a tracking number.
    I'll believe it when I see it arrive at my door...
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    Well, I called CS again (I tried e-mail to try not to tie up the line, but no response) and talked to a guy about a tracking number. He said "We don't have any tracking numbers".
    When I told him that I just "talked" to someone that received one, he said "Find out who they talked to and call back and ask for that rep".

    Well, enough of this... it's as productive as banging my head against the wall. I have an e-mail into a Marketing person at HS and I'll just wait and see what happens.

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