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    I called HS again and again was told that my unit shipped out on Oct 19th. I got a 16 digit tracking number from them (needs to be 18) and called UPS the six numbers folling the 1z are the shipper number. I asked UPS if there were any shipments from this shipper number headed to my address. Is it NO!!!

    Why can't they get thier SH$$ together!! They have had more than enough time to correct their problems.
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    When did you order???
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    I ordered on 10/13. Yea I know some of you ordered on 9/14 and haven't received yours yet but I was told, TWICE, that it shipped on 10/19!!
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    Yuo're pretty lucky if it's true. Iordered on 10/5 and my credit card was billed on 10/19. I have know idea what the status of my order is b/c I can't get through to CSR and nobody has responded (surprise) to my E-mails. How are people getting through to CSR, everytime I call I get hung up on after waiting forever?
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    Oh, your just a whiner. So you spent hour$ on hold just to be lied to repeatedly? Who cares? You shouldn't have called anyhow. You should have been a patient drone. People here just want to hear how *kewl* this Visor thing is.

    So what if your order was sent to another state? Does that mean Handspring didn't ship it? Nooooo. Does that mean it's lost? Nooooo. It still probably shipped -- right? Why don't you just check it out online and tell us your opinion of that then? Isn't it keewwl? CE sucks, Visors rule.

    What's $800 in credit card charges to you anyhow? A single Visor is worth two CE's. It's not like you don't have another credit card you can use to reorder. The order line is an 888 number so it won't cost you anything. See. What are you upset about?

    Come on people. Get positive. This is a great product. I've seen it online myself.
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    You're right. There's nothing wrong with being treated like a complete imbicil every once in a while. It's humbling in fact.
    And like you said, what's to question? We've all seen the pictures!!!

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