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    well finally this morning i got through to hs to check my order and make sure my info was correct. sure enough it was. about an hour later i got a call from ups asking when i was going to be home....

    as it turns out my order, place around 10/5, was sent out on the 19th. so that's pretty cool. so far my only complaints are a lack of information from hs. we'll have to see when i open the box. for the record i got a graphite Vdx that i ordered with a visa debit card. i'll be checking out the 'streaking', if its an issue or not, on the screen first of and report back.

    i actually wish it would have come after wednesday, i have a huge midterm and i'm going to be hackin around with my visor now ahhhhhhhhhhh!;-)

    "for every hand extended another lies in wait, keep you eyes on that one...anticipate." - Ani DiFranco
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    This is sick, you placed your order at AROUND 10/6 and is receiving it today.


    Anyway congra to you. By the way phone or online order?
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    Where are you located?
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    I'm at the University of Wisconsin -
    La Crosse and I ordered over the phone.

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    so it is probably a rumor with this Visa Debit Card cancellation.

    He is from WISCONSIN? insane.


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    What was your tracking number?
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    don't have it on me but they gave me the full 18# number on this morning.

    i guess things just work out if you're in wisconsin. sorry that was mean....
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    What color did you order?

    I ordered on 10/6, and live in Utah. It would be cool if the UPS man stops by with my visor and gameboy... I leave for a trip to SF tomorrow morning. It would be nice to have something to play with.


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