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    I finally got throught to CS, and my order was totally messed up!! They did not have my correct address or the express shipping option that I had added. I had ordered on Sept.16th, and she could not tell me if the product was shipped or not. "It is in the 2nd database which might have been shipped, but I can not tell for sure" Her advice was to refuse shippment as she could not do anything at this point. I wanted to cancel my order, but she said it was out of her hands now. After 10 minutes on the phone, she said that she could take my correct info and enter it into there special "priority database", which would get me a Visor in 2-3 weeks!!! It's nice to see that they really want to bend over and go the extra mile for us.(severe sarcasm!!) I'l refuse my order upon delivery, and it's now off to ValueAmerica for a $150.00 Palm IIIX. It's really too bad, as I really wanted the USB sync to free up ports. Good luck to all, my Visor days are over................


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    you have made a wise decision, my son. if only others would see the wisdom of your ways.

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    Is it just me, or does this behavior seem rash, shortsighted and childlike?
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    Naw... I see it as part of the Economy-acy that we enjoy here. Folks who cancel or return their orders are casting a vote. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Nope, it's not just you, dmkozak. I agree.

    I want the graphite Deluxe I ordered on 10/7
    online pretty badly, but HS is a young company and this is their first shipping, so I'm willing to cut them some slack.

    Since I ordered online, I got a prompt Email confirmation and an estimated ship date of October 31. I am not about to contribute to the clog on their CS lines in premature hysteria about not having it yet.

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    I do have my own personal flashes of impulse thinking and I have come close to ordering a Palm V from Value America... Sort of a personal vindication for all that I've gone through with Csrs, incorrect or false information etc...

    But I have learned to take a deep breath and think about what I really want. And this is a Visor. So I am giving it some time, the CSR's now put me on some priority shipping list or something... But I think when I finally get the thing and the custom case I ordered online, I will start to forget the whole fiasco...

    I would like to see Handspring put out an announcement as to why exactly this seems so unorganized...

    Steve aka Zen
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    I would bet your order is screwed up. Statisticians agree, 99% of all Visor orders are hosed

    Because those of us who ordered in September essentially had their orders lost, plenty of people who ordered in October have theirs already.

    You shouldn't expect it this soon but you might want to verify the order and place a new one as soon as possible. Your selection should hopefully arrive before Y2K hits their shipping department.

    It's your choice though:

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    It's all about choices people. Choices. If your pissed at HandSpring, you can go with a Palm (and miss out on the Visor, wich a better device)or you can hold out for the Visor.

    The only thing that would really scare me is if those impatient fools would buy a...dare i say it? Windows CE device! AHHHHHHHHH!
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    Because those of us who ordered in September essentially had their orders lost, plenty of people who ordered in October have theirs already.

    That's not true ...
    According to the "Visor Received Log" topic ( 44 of the delivered units were ordered in September and 4 were ordered in October.

    Slowly but surely the UPS is delivering the shipped units. (So far they have made it as far east as Indiana.)

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    Just fimished ordering my new Palm IIIX at Value America............feels AWESOME!! No more wasting time trying to track my lost order. The total was $142.00 including shipping. I'd be lying if I were to say that I'm not gonna miss the Visor, but this really is an unbeatable deal. I'll use it until I need to upgrade to the next generation PDA....Colour Visor?????? Good Luck Y'all


    Palm IIIx™ Connected Organizer #80301U
    Payment Received 1 $249.00 $13.00 $262.00

    Order Total: $262.00
    ValueDollars Applied: $120.00
    ValueDollars Earned: $1.29
    Tax: $0.00
    Invoice Total: $142.00
    Total Received: $142.00
    Total Due: $0.00

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    1. Forget Visor (for now)
    2. Get a cheap IIIx (2nd Hand or ValueAmerica)
    3. Check latest Visor news once a month.
    4. Buy when they are ready

    If you can buy a IIIx for $149 then who needs Visor? Use the saved $100 for a stand alone MP3. Use the MP3 to listen to real music instead of on hold tunes.
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    I'm with you ALLL the way.
    I jumped shipped too after seeing VA's incredible deal for a palmV. I dont care if the visor would have shipped on time. It still cannot beat the VA deal. My loyalty is to my wallet.
    The palmV comes in only one color:
    Gunmetal anodized aluminum.
    So much for visor's 'ice' color.
    The palmV is so thin I keep checking my pocket to make sure Its still there!!

    Hope you like your palmIIIx. You should get it within 4 days like I did! VA service is YEARS ahead of handspring.

    Palm V™ Connected Organizer #80400U

    Order Total: $342.05
    ValueDollars Applied: $120.00
    ValueDollars Earned: $2.09
    Tax: $0.00
    Invoice Total: $222.05
    Total Received: $222.05
    Total Due: $0.00

    If you have any questions, call Customer Service at 1-888-337-VALU.

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    *None* of the October orders should have been shipped if it meant longer delays for Sept orders. Those should have been corrected and filled first. There are currently shortages now for some colors ordered by September customers. Six weeks is almost up for them, and their Visors are now projected for delivery in week 7-8.

    Handspring should've posted a message on their front page long ago, right after their order database crashed, saying: "We are experiencing technical problems with orders and are not taking any new orders until Nov 1st since that is the date of projected availability. Those who placed orders by phone on these dates _______ please call us to ensure your order is correct."

    Failure to notify customers when they knew there were serious problems *could* leave them liable to a class action suit.

    The official Handspring line was that they couldn't even send e-mail messages to those on their list because it would have drained resources from getting the problem fixed. The reality is that it *wouldn't* have drained resources, or else just would have taken resources away from October order-taking.

    This wasn't just an error. This was their plan B. In order to get the most October sales they could, despite their initial failures, they made a conscious decision to keep 'em coming. That is what led to the call center being overloaded -- a second forseeable failure of immense proportions.

    Even as this latest fiasco hits them, their "solution" is to continue to take toll free orders, and make early customers spend money on desperate toll calls that are repeatedly disconnected because operators are taking new orders.

    Cutting off toll calls repeatedly after every two hours is something that they might also be sued for. Some people were on hold eight (4x2) daytime hours to talk to someone who had no real clue about their order or shipping status. That's almost a hundred dollar phone bill for just a promise of "I think it's in the mail, call us back when you don't get it."

    --Please see a real lawyer for any advice. This is just my opinion.--

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    I think Handspring HAS to continue shipping October orders. September's orders are already ruined. Why ruin October's also? (and tick off another month's worth of customers.) Keep October's orderers happy and do some SERIOUS damage control to those who got the short end of the stick in September.

    Until Handspring violates the precious 6 week mark they haven't broken their word. I think Handspring screwed up when they started telling us TOO MUCH. They should have said "allow 4-6 weeks for delivery" and been done with it. Then, aside from the multiple billings (bad bad bad), all we would have to moan about would be how slow the days go. (Actually we DID do that for a while, didn't we! Ahhhh the good ol' days)

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    The whole customer rush to place orders Sept 14 was due to a promise of FIFO. That promise is now FUBAR. There are people getting multiple Visors now, just a week after ordering, while the people who were lured in on Sept 14th to ensure their place in line are being told that they shouldn't expect theirs for another 1-2 weeks. That makes 7-8 weeks total. Why the delay? Because of shortages!!! Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?

    Customers from the first weeks should have been notified immediately by phone, e-mail, or website and the orders reverified. Not accepting new orders temporarily would have freed up the phones for the early customers to confirm their data.

    Once you see you have serious ordering problems and you're still a month away from your promised shipping date you should call a brief time out on orders to regroup. A well worded press release might have even made them look good -- like order volume was going *so* well that they had the first production run spoken for and would be taking orders soon for the next run. Fans would have translated that to: The Handspring has arrived!! Start pumping out Springboards!!

    The problem was they thought that any hold on taking orders would cost them money. Well, going full steam ahead with an overloaded system will now cost them more. It was an irresponsible decision not related to their contractor or human error.

    I expect to see the "Handspring Fiasco" as a case study in Business School classes soon.
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    Your not suggesting that because Handspring ran out of Blue visors they should stop shipping Graphite visors as well? Or what if there is a problem with a credit card or an address, they should hold up all orders following that one until it is staightened out. I think they are correct in shipping every order that is shippable at this point.

    It looks like most of the delays at this point are due to where you are in the country. I think people who live on the East Coast and Canada will start seeing their Visors on Monday and Tuesday.

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    Not exactly. Read on...

    1. They should have never taken Oct. orders in the first place unless Sept customers were notified of the problems by some method and orders were fixed. They chose to cover up the problems until it was too late.

    2. They should have fixed the order problems, hired a real call center and given them the new accurate information before shipping a single Visor.

    3. No one who ordered in Oct. should be shipped Visors if it means that Sept. orders have to wait longer than six weeks. From what I understand this is only the case for sold-out Ice and Blue.

    4. By choosing to ship October orders early, Handspring has been adding fuel to the fire because the expectations of Oct people were raised, and many are jamming the phone lines when Sept (14th, etc.) customers are trying to reach them to fix orders that have *never shipped and now are delayed/sold out.

    I'm also saying Handspring fully liable for this mess because they compounded a database problem into a customer service nightmare by continuing to take orders into a faulty system knowing full well they didn't have the call support to handle the resulting mess.

    Many east coast people simply hoping their order is correct and on it's way are in for a rude awakening this week. Even many people who were told their order shipped express last week are still waiting one week later.
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    May I ask what happened to your order that has got you so riled up?

    (I'll grant you one thing, ordering "express" seems to have been meaningless and Handspring should refund the cost differential.)


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    See this thread:

    My 9/14 order was never shipped and they've now run out of the color I ordered. Also the Blue color we all ordered is not close to the shade that may arrive in your mailbox someday.

    The blue Visor photo on the Handspring site was darkened similar to how Time magazine made OJ Simpson's face blacker on their cover and got caught.

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    I agree with you CHIA, $142 for a PalmIIIx is too good of a deal to pass up. I ordered mine yesterday. I was going to hold out for a Visor but based on the discussions on this board I didn't feel like screwing around with Handspring.

    I think Visor is a great product (I probably will buy one next year) but I have no confidence in the reliability of this untested product. I suspect early Visors will have some problems but time will tell.

    I will let you all know when I receive my Palm IIIx
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