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    If you ordered 9/14 and haven't had a charge to your card yet, check with Handspring NOW!

    After first assuring me my order had shipped, and my continuing complaint there had been no charge to my credit card, very helpful young lady checked with the man who was keeping the "Problem order list," and she verified I was was on the "problem list" and had not shipped. She read my Visa card number to me, and they had it wrong in two places.

    She "assured" me that it would be charged and shipped today, express. I have my doubts, but at least they have a list of the unlucky ones at this point.

    BTW, she said all 9/14 orders should have shipped already, although the first question she asked when I told her I ordered on 9/14 was what time of day I had ordered.
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    Did your CC get an "authorization charge?"

    If it did, I wonder how it could be a problem.

    My card has received and AC, but has not acutally been charged yet. I will call today, but I would not doubt there was a problem. Has ANYTHING been smooth sailing with this upstart?
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    No, my card never had an authorization hold on it either. So I guess the clue is no delivery and no charge/authorization means no order.

    Have to say I came real close to canceling the order, but she was very nice and helpful, so I decided to hang in there. However, I'm real tempted to go down and buy that Palm Vx over the counter and put the Visor on eBay at this point; probably make money at it no less <g>.
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    The only way you'd make money on eBay is thru a foreing buyer (or someone who just can't wait 4-6 weeks).

    BTW, don't buy the Vx over the counter 'cause VA will have it late next week or early the week after.

    Anyway, I am waiting for the Visor before I go on my trip (three week vacation) 'cause I want to play/evaluate it while on the road. If it does not come today, screw it 'cause while I'd like to have it, I'm not going to wait forever. My bud watching my house will evalutate it instead and next week I'll be calling VA for my Vx.

    Well, good luck with your Visor and let us know how it turns out.

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    I agree completely -- I sucked it up today and sat on hold for about an hour and am very glad I did. I ordered 9/14 and hadn't been charged yet -- come to find out they had my address as a different state! When I originally ordered the guy didn't read back any of my info, I called a few days later to change my cc -- they seemed to find my order okay -- and was only asked if I wanted it sent to the same address. I too was on the "problem" list, hopefully Paul will have fixed the problem, he was very nice, especially since he was being harassed at 4am!!

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    Remember the old saw about "BS. MS, PhD" well I think I've reached the "piled higher and deeper" stage.

    Although they promised yesterday to fix my 9/14 "problem list order" and would immediately charge the card and ship by express, no credit card charge nor delivery today (UPS has come and gone).

    Frankly, I still don't understand why they didn't contact me if they had a problem list to begin with, and even more importantly, why I'm setting here on hold (2hr 11 minutes so far) waiting to call and talk to them again. This time, I think I'll cancel. If sales are far outstripping expectations, they're lying, because you can't even get through.

    And please, no ranting replies about "if you'd quit calling to check orders, others could order" because they offer us no other source of info about our orders.
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    Sorry for the ranting; just had to get it out of the 'ol system.

    I won't be cancelling, because when I calm down, I realize Visor is still the best all around option out there. I'm just getting frustrated (like so many others) with the lack of customer support. Don't "promise" something umless you're sure you can deliver. I guess I'll wait until Monday before blowing my stack again <g>.
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    What number are you calling to check your order? Are you calling the 888 number or the new 716 (customer support) number? I would like to check my order and am trying to find out which route would be the best and have a shorter wait.
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    I tried 716 once, but 10 minutes on hold was more than I wanted in toll charges. I'll stick to the unending wait on 888.
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    I have to pile on here as well, if for no other reason than to vent my frustration. I ordered a VD in graphite on 9/16. I called Handspring on 10/14 just to make sure that they had all my information correct, after it was posted here that there were problems. They had my credit card number wrong, spelling of the ship-to town was incorrect as well as the ship-to zip code. The CSR keyed in (wrote down) the correct information, said everything was set. I was happy. I was even happier the next morning when Handspring announced they had started shipping. According to UPS shipping times I should have received my Visor yesterday if it was shipped on 10/18 (not even 10/15). When it didn't come today , I decided to call again. After about 90 minutes on hold I spoke to another CSR and asked her if she could help me understand why I didn't get my visor and why my credit card had not been charged, if indeed my unit shipped on the 15th as I expected it should have. She agreed that the unit should have shipped, but when she called up my record, the three mistakes that were there originally were still there! We went through the info again (twice)fixed this time (I hope) and she said that mine would go out with the next shipment, she offered to send it express for $3.00 more, I accepted. I pressed her for when the next shipment might be, she could only say that she didn't know. She added that if I hadn't got my unit by the end of next week that I should call back. ARRRGGGH!
    I should admit, however, that Gillian (the CSR) was very nice, helpful and indicated that she would personally make sure that the information went through right this time (yea right).
    still impatiently waiting....
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    Robelard, dude!
    I ordered from Paul too!! (late on the 21st). And thinking if the folks from the 14th-20th aren't getting theirs....
    When I finnally got through (I tried 6:30 CST, and had about a 5 min wait) they had all the correct info, couldn't change my order(in shipping)and it would ship "this week or middle of next."
    I have to say while all this is good fun, I gotta get a life. Thanks for making the wait more bearable!
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    I had not had a charge by Wed. (ordered 9/14) when I spent the entire day with HS's order center on the speaker of my phone here at work. After getting disconnected and having to requeue several times, I finally reached the CSR.

    The database showed that my order had shipped, but the CSR said that since I hadn't seen a charge, that he would check my info. The credit card number wasn't right. He fixed it.

    The card was charged on Thurs.

    The good news was that they had managed to get my extra usb cradle order merged with my visor order. When I had called on 9/16, the CSR told me that because they were working paper & pen, it was highly likely that the two would not ship together.

    Anyhoo, it should be on it's way now, I suppose...
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    I ordered from MA on 9/14. Still no charge on my card. 2 days ago, I called the CSR who found my order, recited all of my correct info, and said it should be shipping. He didn't know why there was no charge to my card, however. There was no problem with card #, shipping address, etc. Anyone else in this boat?
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    I ordered on 9/16, have verified my info with Handspring CSRs, and to date no charges and no Visor. All they keep telling me is the order has been sent to shipping for processing. That's been the story all week, how long does it take?
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    Like everyone else, I have been waiting for my new VDx. Today, my cc showed the authorizing charge. Anyone know from this point how long it takes to ship and bill for real?

    Anyone? Anyone?
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    Well, let me put it this way. I just got off the phone with my CC company and I've had my card authorized since the 18th but it hasn't been posted. So who knows how long from here. I'm definitely not holding my breath.
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    My authorization was on the -15- (I'm guessing where it says TEMP is considered an authorization) and I haven't seen jack yet.. and from calling up it looks as if they never shipped mine.. Someone ELSE might have gotten it instead..

    I seriously cannot fathom how much they hvae messed all this up.
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    I have been sitting back and just waiting, thinking that everyone was getting just a tad overexcited about all this. I _was_, however, checking my CC for charge authorizations. Well, there was still nothing there today (I ordered on 9/17), so I broke down and called HS (on the non-free number). I spoke with a pleasant CSR and she confirmed my name and phone number. When she discovered that I had not yet gotten a charge, she went off for a few moments and returned with more info. I read back my CC# to her and she discovered that they had neglected tha final digit of the CC# (the last 4 are identical).

    We went through the order and I discovered that they had forgotten a few things on the original order too...

    1. extra Serial Cradle
    2. backup module
    3. 8MB flash module

    i.e., ALL the extras I had ordered.

    The nice CSR put all this info back in and then told me she would expedite the order. It should ship IN ONLY TWO WEEKS *&(@!(*

    It _should_ be here early next week, not in the middle of November!

    The moral is: If you have any doubt about whether your card had been dinged, CHECK!

    (time for a cool sam adams!)
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    Let me answer my own question: My cc authorization was on 10/20. I was billed on 10/22. The next question: When was/will I be shipped

    Just so you don't think I'm completely teflon, they billed me for two.

    If I receive two, lets start a topic to get those members overshipped matched up with the poor folks whose orders got lost in September. Let's be good VisorCentral citizens, no price gouging.
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    Same scenario with me exactly. Mine was 290. each. If I get two I'm putting one up on EBAY to make some extra cash for my troubles. if it doesn"t sell for the reserve I can always send it back.

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