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    "For non-technical support, please call Customer Care at 716-871-6442.

    ...we didn't have the 1-900-WHO-CAREs number ready yet, but it's coming !
    (Accountant to Jeff)...this will help you pay for that new Scarab boat you'd been looking at...

    I'm glad we can get some 's out of this
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    Handspring is looking for a director of customer services. Lets see what the mean:

    A real doer who prides themselves in meeting deadlines.....
    A real doer who like to date a lot.

    [/b]...and getting a wide range of tasks done with the highest quality[/b]
    Can handle tasks simultaneously. Like watching TV and finishing a 6-pack.

    Motivated by customer satisfaction
    Enjoys to see a sucker suffer.

    Follows two support rules; #1 - the customer is always right. #2 - When the customer is wrong refer to rule #1
    Likes to argue a lot.
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