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    just got off the line with a csr who correctly read back all my order information from my 10/1 order. all is cool, with the exception of the comments i heard from a female csr standing nearby my csr. she said such things as:

    "i'm getting sick of these computer geeks calling all the time."

    "i just say that they will get their 'thingy' within the year."

    "don't any of these people have lives?"

    i dunno, maybe she was just trying to impress her co-workers. my main grip is why wasn't she answering phones. waited on hold for over an hour, and when i get answered, people are basically screwing around there. i've got nothing to complain about until early november as i ordered 10/01, just thought you guys might like to hear what the CSRs think about us.
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    Another VC member and I had a very similar experience:

    It appeared many of the members here didn't believe us or something... I have been a supporter of these forums for a while and have no reason to fib.

    I would love to call a manager or someone at the CSR center to voice my opinion on these things... But it would probably be a better bet to do so when things die down.

    Steve (Zen)

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    Some members here have that same attitude, see this post at from "Thankful":

    Thankful: if you want to see freaks, check out visorcentral

    Visorcentral got the freaks.
    You think it was Christ coming and not just an overhyped calculator with datebook: the visor.
    People in this website are SO loyal and devoted to something no one has yet seen.
    They call everyday to check their order enduring 45 minutes of being put on hold!
    Yet, they call everyday. Must have no life.
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    Handspring is looking to hire a 'director of customer services'. Among the skills listed are:

    -A real doer who prides themselves in meeting deadlines and getting a wide range of tasks done with the highest quality.

    -Motivated by customer satisfaction.

    -Follows two support rules; #1 - the customer is always right. #2 - When the customer is wrong refer to rule #1.

    Anyone feel like applying and helping us poor souls out?
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    Maybe she's right.

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