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    I ordered my blue Visor in on september 14th. I called twice for my order, everytime the waiting was supportable (if not I hang up). My order was never changed, it was always correct (believe me, it had lots of weird french names on it). The staff was always nice to me. I was told to expect my blue Visor by Friday...Can we all just please stop the insanity...I understand that the company screwed up, those of you who run a small high tech company raise your hands ! Please advice to tell everyone its not always as simple as it may sound to be. I can understand if someone's in the biz... rants but all of us who are in governement, academia or large corporation with megamillion support, you have no idea what its like to start a spin off. Don't forget,HS is truly a virtual company, they designed it and THAT is it, they don't make it or make the pretty much everything can go wrong and uncontrolled.
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    I've got to say that I've not had a problem <Crossed Fingers> Yet </Crossed Fingers> even though I'm ordering from a UK billing address and a US shipping one.
    I've only ever phoned the customer service on two occasions once in the last week of september (to place my order) and once last week (to, well just make sure) and had less than 20 minutes on hold each time (although this could be due to being in a different time-zone). Both times I had no problem with the service that I was given.

    Admittedly I will be calling the forwarding office that I have asked my Visor to be delivered too on a regular basis, just to check that it has arrived. (although I do hope that it gets there before the end of the 6 week period that I was promised).

    As long as it get's there within that 6 week period I'm not gonna complain.

    Sorry for the long post, It's just based on my experience so far.

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    positive vibes will serve us well hahahaha

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