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    I was told that orders taken using Visa Check/Debit Cards are being rejected!
    Have any of you received your Visor that paid using one of these cards?
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    Who told you that? I ordered with my debit card on 9/16. This may explain why I haven't gotten my VDx yet. hmmm...


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    I paid with a Visa Check/Debit Card and my order was supposedly shipped 10/16. I should have it either Mon or Tues of this coming week. On 10/15 - 10/16 $270.89 was taken from my available balance but not taken out of my actual balance. That amount was back in my available balance on 10/23. I have talked with Donna Dubinsky and Sandy Torres about my order and was informed about the 10/16 ship date on 10/22. I'll edit this post if I receive my Visor this week. I live in Kentucky and it was sent UPS ground so 5-7 business days sounds about right if they shipped it on 10/16.
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    I paid with a Visa Debit Card and got mine on Friday. It was an Ice Visor. Last week there was a hold on 270 dollars that hold went away and I have not been billed. If there is any information that I can help with just let me know. Oh yeah I ordered on 9.14.99 about 15 min after the call center started taking calls.

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    1 Visor Deluxe received on 10/22 in Boston.
    Paid with debit card.

    I would be quite happy now, if I had not cancelled my order on 10/14. Good ole refused shipping.
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    I ordered on 9/16 about 12:30 AM with Visa Debit-I was charged 270 something on 10/16, and I expect it was shipped on monday the 18th-so I expect to get my visor monday! I will see if all comes together....I think Handspring is having Y2K problems!

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