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    Could someone post up certain emails on here that we should be aware of? Like whoever is unlucky enough to be in charge of marketing, shipping, etc..

    Jeff and Donna's email because I need to really let them know what's going on (in addition to anyone else who has sent in their piece of mind).

    I just refuse to be one of the first to order and the last to receive it. Had I known I would have ordered last week. They already missed their email notification, shipping notice, "3 weeks" like originally stated and even a few days away from the "4-6 weeks". Hell, a few more days and they'll even breach the before the end of October statement. It's just soo frustrating and I would like a few emails to make me feel better Thanks
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    I've already mailed marketing ("my letter to marketing...") without response, although to be fair it has only been four days. With the latest bits of information I got today, though, I finally was annoyed enough to mail to Donna and Jeff. If I get any response I will make sure to post it...I did recieve a favorable response before with regard to CSRs giving out erroneous ship dates. (although that quickly became moot)
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    I went to the visor site and followed the trail until I came up with the post order support email.

    Hoping that the company would rather answer an email in the middle of the night instead of having someone else on the phone wanting to know if I really was in their data base, I gave my name, order date, and email address.

    There has been no answer to the query in 48 hours.

    Somewhat patient in Beavercreek Ohio
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    Wow, another person from Ohio that got screwed.. that makes 3 I know of

    I might as well write someone and tell them to send me a graphite Vdx since people have been saying blue and ice are backordered.. So much for ordering early and alleviating any of those running out of stock worries.

    And whoever said WE are making this worse and you're waiting for a monday delivery? I ordered the 14th too and while I wish for a monday delivery, it's difficult when they haven't even shipped it yet.

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