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    Got my Visor Deluxe in the mail yesterday. Only trouble was they sent me two by mistake (oops!).
    Two different order numbers means my Visa was dinged twice. $250 plus $30 tax & shipping means that to pass one along to someone else for $300 would not be out of line. If you agree and are interested, e-mail me your phone # (especially if you live near Santa Barbara, CA).

    (Yes, the USB sync flies and the plastic cover sucks; also, too bad the manual is included only as pdf file).
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    Well currently there is one Handspring Visor Deluxe up on eBay and with 2+days left to go, it is at $355 :-) So hey take your second one and put it up on ebay, you could get even more.
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    Uncle Steve,
    I emailed you with interest to your offer.
    Please let me know if you didn't receive the email!

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