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    The following excerpt is from their website (


    Logistix' core competency is the development, implementation and management of integrated supply chains. Essentially, we provide all those processes and services which are necessary to deliver and support a product to the end user, but extraneous to the product's development and marketing. This step-by-step progression of processes and transactions is tailored specifically to each customer's wants and needs, and functions as an integrated whole. Whether elaborate or abbreviated, the entire chain of operations can be configured, set up, activated, managed, reported on, and changed through a single point of contact at Logistix.

    This results in a highly leveraged solution for the client, who retains complete control of, and immediate access to, every aspect of the supply chain. However, the need for handling a multitude of transactions with complex resource-intensive management/personnel/supplier arrangements is eliminated.


    Does anyone else find this a little funny? Have they done ANY of these things properly? Handspring, from what has been evident especially this week, does NOT have "Complete control" nor "immediate access" to every aspect of the chain. I wonder if there is a team of lawyers looking over someones contract right about now.
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    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Hold on a second while I pick myself up off the floor.

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    I'm opening my OWN call center... its in the same 716 area code... (Around Rochester NY) and I will provide the same services that Handspring does. I will keep you on hold for hours and then tell you that I have no idea where your order is and that I can't do anything about anything to do with your order. THE DIFFERENCE? I play alternative and rock on my hold music... I'll make a fortune!!!

    PS All phone charges are reversed on callbacks.
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    I sent this to Donna Dubinsky:

    If people are blaming Logistix for your database/ordering/website contract nightmare would they be wrong? If it's not them, please let us know who it is so we can make sure we give them "proper credit" and make sure they don't get a contract "assisting" springboard makers!
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    Sounds good, I thought about inquiring with her as well but I figured I would wait until things calm down a bit. I spoke with her earlier today about the snafu on my credit card. It looks like that has been straightened out....but I still have no clue as to whether or not my visor has shipped or when it will ship. see thread below if interested:

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    I don't think logistix is at fault. I work with other fulfillment companies and they are all very very organized.

    Usually they do a full service: call center, order taking, charging, packing & tracking.

    I presume that they didn't get the proper information.
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    I'm not so sure...

    Donna Dubinsky was silent on the Logistix question and this is also on their website under E-Commerce:

    Logistix offers a seamless, comprehensive, fully integrated package of electronic services to software publishers that includes secure electronic commerce and information transmission capabilities via the Internet. Logistix' offering is unique in that it provides full integration with back-end services including call center support, fulfillment, turnkey assembly and supply chain management.

    Logistix' Electronic Services provides our customers...with:

    -improved accuracy and timeliness of transactions through a fully automated system.

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    I know, the facts are speaking for themselve.

    I still like to get a Logistix comment.

    The guys I work with do volume business for MiniDisc's and everything is handled by the fulfillment company (in Boston area). They do make mistakes, but generaly do a great job.

    Did anybody call Logistix?

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