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    My credit card was charged on October 15th by "Direct Marketing" for 276.49. It could only have been Handspring.
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    Best proof I've seen so far that next week will become the start of an "I got mine!" posting frenzy.
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    An authorize request was made on my card in the same amount. Woo-hoo!
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    Charged 276.49... Where do you live? If the Visor Deluxe is $249 with no tax, then shipping was 27.49, which corresponds to next day air ups for about 5 lbs to the east coast. So, do we expect these on Monday? Do you also live in the East?
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    I almost paniced. Read the previous posts so I called the credit card company to get a warm fuzzy about also being charged. NOTHING! Called Handspring and they verified my order and confirmed it was shipped Friday morning. Hey, maybe mine is free : )

    Good Luck to everyone who will be at home to jump the UPS person on Monday.

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    Just checked my credit card listing and something was just posted today that was for 270.27 by Handspring Inc. The visor is 249 + 15.95 for stylus pens + 6 bucks shipping they originally stated.. It wasn't exactly 6, but add them all up and it's a little over 270. if they charged me 21 bucks for shipping and didn't give me the pens I'm going to be mighty pissed. At least that's a good sign that it was charged.. assuming they're shipping that is
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    I just called Handspring and talked to a CSR about my order. My visor was shipped on Friday, but my creditcard has not been charged. The person I talked to said that due to the high volume of orders that some of the cards that shipped have not been charged yet, but they will catch up on them. I guess this means those of you who were going to watch your credit card for an idea of when your order ships are out of luck. <grin>

    Then again this seems foolish on Mindsprings part,... can we say free Visor people?
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    but Mindspring is telling me it shipped on Friday

    Then again this seems foolish on Mindsprings part

    You can edit your posts by clicking on the little pencil and paper. Somehow I doubt they were both mistakes though.
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    My credit card was billed on 10/15 for 268.40. I live on the East coast, ordered no accessories, and can't remember what shipping method I asked for.
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    Mine was charged on 10/16 for $270.89
    I live in the NE and ordered VisorDeluxe. I don't remember specifying shipping method.
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    I used my debit/visa card and to my horror, I had been charged... OVER $594.80!!! I know that I have not bought anything with that card except my visor. I called Handspring to ask if they could tell me if I was billed twice (more actually) The guy first said "Do you have it yet?!" He was genually excited. It goes downhill from here. I told him that I was sure that I haven't bought anything and that I may have been charged twice (perhaps when I added a serial cradle) SO I asked when I had ordered, he said on the 20th. I informed him that I had ordered on the 14th and could he just check to see if I had two orders in. He told me (rather curtly) that If I didn't ahve proof that they had billed me twice, it was pointless to continue. I then tried to make the point that if my order was in their computer on the 20th maybe there was a mistake. No go, he got more annoyed and told me there was nothing he could do until I proved that it was them. I was VERY nice to him on the phone and had to point out that he was getting edgy. He apologized and all was well. SO I guess I just wait to see what posts on my checking account... should have used the ol mastercard I guess.
    Anyone else use a debit/credit card and be billed WAY over?

    PS I explicitly asked for express shipping and it was not showing up as that on my order... yet another clue as to why I've been double charged? If I get two, should I sell it or return in? Hmmm...

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    Talked with my credit card co. They said a "Pending" charge has been made on the 16th. The credit card lady said it has not been actually charged, but is authorized for $320? The company is Direct Marketing.

    Mike, is your charge a pending charge? The credit card lady said that it is not the official ammount, just the amount they want to make sure I have credit for. Maybe the same thing is happening to you.

    Anyways, since I ordered on the 14th, I hope they shipped it with all the other 14th orders.
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    Mike... My 2 cents butI have been told that when using debit cards,
    it is NOT uncommon to be chargedtwice because the
    authorization and the actual charge may be recognized as
    two charges.. I travel a lot for a living.. thats why
    I am hesitate to use a debit card on the road... This
    may not happen everytime you use it but it is
    known to happen. Doubt Handspring is really
    at fault here.
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    Yes, the bank also said it was a pending charge, I just wish I had more than $6.00 in my account... oh well, last time I order with that card... thanks! I'll just hope for the best and ***** like hell on the 1st (of Nov)

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    The actual charge on my credit card was $276.49 so it appears that there will be certain anomolies with the pricing this is probably dependent upon state sales tax rates. This would be about right depending upon exactly what the sales tax rate is that's being used because it does vary slightly in California by region. Shipping should then be about 6.50 based upon about a 8.25% sales tax rate. If your cards have been billed much more than this amount then I'd say watch for the shipping charges.

    Mine should be here later today or no later than tomorrow as long as it left on Friday as quoted by CSR.

    But I'm not calling CSR to get a tracking number at this time unless unit doesn't arrive by late tomorrow.

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    I just got off the phone after wondering why my Card hadn't been debited. I ordered on 9/14.
    It turns out the original CSR had got my card number wrong and that because it didn't match my name, they hadn't shipped.
    So I guess if you were early in and your card hasn't been hit that could be it. He suggested they had lots of wrong numbers.
    Hope this helps someone.
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    I called my bank and found out that Handspring DID have a hold of $594.80 on my account... one for $275.87 and one for $319.02 as I suspected, I think that my request for adding a serial cradle ended-up being a second order with another vdx. I'm on hold now... I'll see what happens.
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    I do have to admit I was pretty peeved at the quality and precision of the order taking guys. When I called the first time, the guy who took my order was obviously still pretty new to the whole "English language" thing, and I had to repeat things quite a bit. I was really concerned that he'd gotten my order right, but my call on Sunday confirmed that my blue Visor had shipped, so he must have.

    However, I was really frustrated when I called back to order another cradle and the 8MB Flash and got the SAME guy. This time he repeated everything back to me, so there had obviously been enough of a problem that someone had asked him to do that. Despite this, when I called Sunday they couldn't confirm my extra cradle or the Flash Sprinboard... They said to wait and see what was in the box.

    So, given that experience, it doesn't surprise me at all that some folks' numbers were wrong.

    The Visor itself is a quality unit, though, from my experience with the review unit I tested. I assume these are just the glitches of a new company working out the kinks. I did order during the first few hours of the first day, after all.
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    Good luck...I've been on hold over an hour now.

    "Thank you for calling Handspring. Your call is important to us. We are presently experiencing a high volume of calls. Please stay on the line for the next available representative. Thank you."

    Gah! Every 15 seconds! I'd almost rather listen to the canned music. Too bad I can't adjust the volume on my speakerphone.
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    Don't bother... the guy is way too loud if you could... I would prefer listening to music too.

    What the hell, is like EVERY person who ordered a visor calling or what? Must be?
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